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DataCart™ Partners with Elora International – Hot Swap Power System Solution

DataCart partners with Elora International hot swap batteries

As a leading medical cart manufacturer here in the United States, we are always looking for ways to take our carts to the next level and continue to separate ourselves from other solutions.

That is why we are excited to announce a brand new partnership that will allow us to better serve our customers and create brand new innovative solutions!

ELORA International is a company founded on the principles of bringing value innovation to healthcare providers with a mission of improving patient care.

The ELORA battery system eliminates the need for power cords and hallway charging while creating an EcoSystem of Power compatible with WOWs and Tablet Carts. Elora International built a cart agnostic, cost-effective, and reliable battery and power system that fits everyone else’s needs too. Their system is manufactured in an FDA-approved manufacturing facility which helps to ensure product quality and top-notch standards.

At the end of the day, this new partnership is here to provide simple, reliable, and affordable solutions for YOU and your fleet of medical carts! Here’s how:

Simple to use

Your staff is already busy enough. They don’t need to be bothered with heavy base-powered WOWs that require charging up to six hours per day, while tethered to a wall. In certain settings saving even minutes could make the biggest difference inpatient care. The ELORA Mobile Power System allows staff to quickly swap out batteries on medical carts without skipping a beat.

The ELORA Wall Charging Cabinet ensures a charged battery is always within arm’s reach. Simply swap a depleted battery whenever it’s required in under 15 seconds without the need to power down any equipment. Elora’s hot swap battery capability ensures your staff is always equipped with a powered medical cart.

Providing these simple solutions is one of the best parts of our partnership!


In an environment that is always changing and moving, you need a system that you can count on. Having certain pieces of equipment down for extended periods of time leads to inefficiencies, stressed staff, and even impacted patient outcomes. 

ELORA’s lightweight, high-capacity Lithium-Ion batteries deliver long, reliable run-times that last on average 6-8 hours. That, combined with charging times as low as 4 hours means that you will never be without a battery to swap, almost making downtime on your medical carts non-existent. Talk about reliability and efficiency!


We get it… managing medical facility budgets can be a pain and many times “the math needs to be right” when looking at these types of solutions.  While the ELORA system itself is very affordable, the true monetary benefit comes from the other benefits of the system.  We already talked about efficiency, but think about it now from the position of how that could impact your bottom line. A more efficient process is a more cost-effective one and making sure that staff is always on the move not having to deal with medical cart downtimes accomplishes that goal. 

Not only that, but with this system, you can extend the life out of your current medical cart fleet and upgrade them without needing to completely change your system. Not only that, having battery power available to you 24/7 means fewer overall carts in your fleet to manage, storage, repair, and replace. 

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the demand for medical facilities to upgrade their non-powered medical cart fleet into powered ones. As we have discussed, not only is this process affordable, it’s also reliable and much more simple than you might think!

DataCart’s™ new partnership with ELORA is the next step in meeting the needs of our medical cart customers and continuing to bring medical facilities forward in the technology they use to provide better outcomes for their patients. 

To learn more about the ELORA Mobile Power Solution, watch the video below!