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Advantages And Solutions For A Secure Computer Cart In Healthcare

solutions for a secure computer cart

When you order a medical cart from DataCart, it’s more than a purchase – it’s a company investment. With that large of an investment, you’re going to want to protect your workstation on wheels and everything that goes with it at all costs. Here at DataCart, we provide multiple options for multi-levels of security to equip your medical cart properly and to take advantage of a secure computer cart.

Secure Computer Carts, Mounts, and Storage

Secure Laptop Cart

If you’re in the market to purchase a new medical cart and security is a focus of yours, our Secure Laptop Cart is a perfect option. With optimal security options throughout the cart, the computer is placed in the cart combo-locked pan for security.

The workstation is built for quiet, discreet operation and is great for various care centers. A pull-out keyboard and mouse tray retracts with a soft-close mechanism for minimal intrusiveness and maximum security. This cart is specifically designed to keep the workstation laptop safe and secure. Complete with hideaway items and locking compartments right on the cart itself.

Secure Tech Enclosure Cart

Similar to our Secure Laptop Cart, our Secure Tech Enclosure Cart comes with an adjustable locking laptop compartment to fit any laptop type. With added security accessories, this cart can be customized into an even more safe and secure computer cart beyond just the laptop compartment. The Secure Tech Enclosed Cart also uses an LCD support arm to mount the cart monitor, helping to keep the monitor secure and fastened.

Small Form Factor (SFF) Cart with Secure Tablet Mount

One of our Small Form Factor Carts has a secure tablet mount option, allowing users to lock a tablet into place. This helps avoid theft or anyone tampering with the tablet computer when the user needs to walk away. The SFF Cart with the secure tablet mount also provides optional locking supply drawers for added security.

Tablet Roll Stand with Secure VESA Mount

Another of our SFF carts, the Tablet Roll Stand, has three different mounting options for multiple levels of security. With the addition of the Secure VESA mount, users can avoid the risk of others tampering with their technology and feel safe leaving their cart if needed.

Security Accessories

DataCart is proud to offer high-quality security accessories from multiple well-renowned businesses. All security accessories can be added to any cart, such as our Kidney or Rectangle Cart, to allow for optimal security options throughout our product line.

Tryten Security Cable

With a similar concept to a bike lock, the Tryten Security Cable helps to keep users’ laptops locked and secure with their choice of a combination or keyed lock. These locks are built to the highest quality standards and come with Tryten’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

AnchorPad Laptop Mount

The AnchorPad Low Profile Double Plate Security System provides a maximum level of security by “locking” laptops to the work surface. When used with an arm mount, the plate is secured with tamper-proof screws that have a unique driver head. These screws can only be removed with the driver we provide with the security system.

AnchorPad’s high-quality and high-security plates are constructed of 16-gauge steel adhered to the work surface by high-strength adhesive foam. The plate system provides 20,000 lbs of pull force. The low-profile design keeps the plate’s visibility to a minimum while still providing maximum security.

Keeping your items safe and secure is extremely important, especially when working in a chaotic and hectic work environment such as healthcare. Let DataCart help you find the best solution to your security worries for a stress-free workstation you know you can trust.