Cost-Effective And Powerful All-In-One Workstation On Wheels Battery Option

Hot Swappable Batteries

Our partnership with ELORA batteries allows us to create amazing solutions for our clients looking for a workstation on wheels that meets their exact needs.

When most in the industry think about the combination of medical carts and batteries, they think about our larger, powered medical carts that have tons of bells and whistles. While these are great solutions, they are not the best solution for everyone.

While some would love to use powered medical carts, limitations on space or budget might have you looking for a new solution. If this sounds like a situation you are in, see just how powerful (pun intended) DataCart workstations on wheels and ELORA hot-swappable batteries can be.

Benefits Of Using A Hot-Swappable Battery

Cheaper to have mobile workstations on wheels and batteries than a powered cart

As we mentioned above, powered medical carts can be incredible tools in the right situations, however, many facilities do not need some of the bells and whistles that come with these types of carts. Combining a similar solution like our kidney laptop carts with an ELORA battery gives you almost all of the benefits at only a fraction of the total cost.

Lighter than the usual powered cart

Powered carts are known to be a little bit on the larger side which makes them not realistic for smaller medical facilities where space is a concern. These situations would be better served by one of DataCart’s small form factor (SFF) carts. When these carts are combined with a hot-swappable battery system, you once again get to realize the benefits of larger powered carts that you never thought you would have!

Simple “swap” process with batteries

Most powered medical carts come with their batteries built into the system. While that has its benefits, it makes the entire system of charging and rotating carts a little more complex and harder to manage.

We’ve mentioned already how the ELORA system is a hot-swappable system, but now is the time to show how big of a benefit that feature is! A hot-swappable battery system allows your carts to never run out of battery or need time to charge. When a battery is low, simply walk to an ELORA charging station, remove the battery, and install a new one. In under 10 seconds, you have a fully powered medical cart ready to get back to action and assist your team.

Forget about worrying about where outlets are in the office

Everyone knows how it feels to walk into a room in need of an outlet, but have none available. Especially in older medical facilities, power outlets can be at a premium and be occupied with essential medical equipment that could be the difference in keeping someone alive.

When you attach a battery system to your medical carts, you essentially bring extra outlets into every room that you enter! ELORA batteries have a capacity of 6 to 8 hours of run time which is enough energy to keep all your electronics powered and then some all day long and makes them an excellent backup plan when you need it most.

When you combine DataCart with ELORA batteries, you unlock a whole new world of solutions that you never thought possible. Contact us today and see how many different ways we can combine our solutions to make the perfect solution for your needs!


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