Benefits Of A SFF Cart

5 Benefits of a SFF Cart

One of the most common things that medical facilities are looking for when it comes to their medical carts is versatility. While some facilities need all the bells and whistles that come with our full-sized carts, others need something that can be used in more situations, can maneuver around tight patient rooms, and take up less of their precious storage space.

That is where our SFF cart comes in!

What Does SFF Mean?

SFF is an acronym that stands for Small Form Factor. Our Small Form Factor medical carts put an emphasis on giving you the most out of your medical cart with an overall smaller footprint.

Benefits Of SFF Carts

There are many benefits to choosing a Small Form Factor medical cart for your facility including:

Smaller Size

As the name suggests, the small form factor carts have an overall smaller size than some of our other powered medical carts. This overall small size leads into some of the other benefits we are going to talk about in a moment, but that smaller size is a benefit in its own right.

One reason a smaller medical cart is more beneficial is because of how it looks to a patient. Larger medical carts can be intimidating to a patient and when a medical professional arrives with one, the patient might believe that something is significantly wrong. Smaller carts just have a better overall eye appeal and can surprisingly make a patient feel more at ease.


Ability To Navigate Into Tight Spaces

One of the more direct benefits of the size of small form factor carts is how easy they are to move around. As you probably already know most medical facilities lack space. Whether it is in the hallway, in storage, or in each patient room, space is something that comes at a premium.

While you might love to have a standard cart, it might not be something that is in the cards for you. Luckily, small form factor carts allow you to have almost all the benefits of a larger cart all while gaining maneuverability.

DCT-SFF-VAT with storage drawer, sani wipe holder

Smaller Footprint

So the cart is easy to move around when it is in use, but what about when it isn’t? Being able to have a cart that takes up less storage space sounds amazing, doesn’t it? That’s what the SFF cart is here to do! As a matter of fact, the cart itself is approximately 40% smaller than a standard cart.


Your medical staff has to do enough heavy lifting during patient care. They don’t need to worry about pushing around a heavy medical cart as well. The lightweight design of the small form factor cart ensures that it won’t end up being a burden on your staff.

Our small form factor carts weigh from a range of 30-45 pounds, making them extremely easy to move around. Now just because they are lightweight doesn’t mean that they aren’t sturdy. Our USA manufacturing ensures that even or small carts can hold up in the harshest conditions.

The Size Makes It Attractive To Telemedicine

One of the areas that we are seeing all these advantages of the small form factor cart being used in is telemedicine. Being able to have a patient visit a specialist in another facility or country is an incredible thing. All the benefits we mentioned above – maneuverability, smaller size, smaller footprint – make this task drastically easier, allowing the ability to have many more of these visits and not having things limited by the room the patient might be in.

TeleStroke Cart

Can small form factor carts help you in your facility? If so, we’d love to chat! Contact us today and let’s see how we can create a custom solution built just for you!

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