Benefits of Workstations on Wheels in Healthcare

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How are Workstations on Wheels used in healthcare?

Medical carts, also known as Workstations on Wheels (WOW) or Computers on Wheels (COW), are utilized in various healthcare settings. These workstations provide numerous benefits to healthcare professionals, patients, and facilities. With enhanced mobility and efficiency at the top of the benefits list, medical facilities may achieve their objectives faster than ever. 

Let’s dive into the various benefits of WOWs!

Streamline Workflow

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There are more opportunities to streamline workflows in healthcare facilities. In the past, staff needed to make several trips back and forth between their standard workstations, offices, and patient rooms. This is an incredibly inefficient process that, while the amount of extra time for each trip isn’t large, the overall lost time adds up to a large number.

WOWs improve efficiency by allowing healthcare professionals to access patient information and perform tasks quickly and easily. These workstations help save time and increase productivity. This is particularly important in healthcare environments, where time is of the essence.

With WOWs, you can access information as soon as it becomes available from anywhere in the hospital. Furthermore, powered medical carts can be utilized throughout the day without needing to plug in or charge up. 

Optimize Productivity

Working in the healthcare industry can be a very tiresome job at times. When you are constantly juggling patients, on your feet, or carrying lots of documents from room to room, you are bound to feel drained. 

One constant issue in the medical industry is finding ways to make staff more efficient in their day-to-day work. One of the biggest ways that WOWs help medical professionals and medical facilities is their ability to make everyone more efficient.

Making sure more patients can be visited by providing proper storage, giving staff more energy with ergonomic medical carts, and adding additional technology that makes knowledge transfer easier are all things that Workstations on Wheels can help with.

Additionally, DATACART™ medical carts provide staff with convenient sit-to-stand capabilities that will give your staff a much-needed change.

Increased Accessibility

Mobile workstations can improve patient care by providing healthcare professionals with instant access to patient history. The amount of data we have now in the healthcare industry is an incredible advancement. For instance, medical professionals can have the entire history of an individual. This can help healthcare professionals make more informed decisions and provide more accurate and effective treatment.

This is where WOWs can become extremely helpful. Although it is nice to have everything remotely online, files are still a common backup in most medical facilities.

DATACARTsecure carts make sure that these records are kept safe with an accessory like a locking storage drawer and that your hardware cannot be stolen by locking your laptop or computer into place. Healthcare is more accessible and secure than ever before. That is why WOWs are perfect for telemedicine visits as well. 


Lastly, maintaining a clean environment is essential. While Workstations on Wheels can’t clean the facility for you, they won’t be something your staff needs to be overly concerned about. All our computer carts are antimicrobial, made of materials that are easy to clean. We also have accessories to hold Sani-Wipes directly on the carts!

Additionally, since WOWs make remote healthcare more accessible, they reduce the risk of infection transmission by avoiding unnecessary movement of patients or doctors.

How does your staff use Workstations on Wheels to make their jobs easier? In what ways can your facility benefit from medical carts? DataCart™ mobile workstations are completely customizable to meet your needs. We can provide whatever solutions you require to increase the efficiency of your staff! Contact us today to discuss our WOW selection!


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