Benefits of Workstations on Wheels in Healthcare

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How are Workstations on Wheels used in healthcare?

Medical Carts, better known as Workstations on Wheels (WoW) or Computers on Wheels (CoW),  are used in a wide variety of different healthcare facilities. While maybe not the most glamorous or coolest tool in the toolbox, Workstations on Wheels can benefit medical facilities in many ways that accomplish the goals most leaders want to see! 

Let’s dig into the various benefits of WoWs!

Streamline workflow

There are more opportunities than ever before to streamline your workflows in your healthcare facilities. Until very recently, staff needed to make several trips back and forth between their standard workstations and offices to patient rooms. This is an incredibly inefficient process that, while the amount of extra time for each trip isn’t large, the overall lost time adds up to a large number.

The ability to read and record patient information right at the point of care can dramatically improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency.

And that’s not all! Results for different tests can come from far-reaching areas of hospital facilities. Workstations on Wheels let you access that information right as they become available from anywhere in the hospital with mobile computing being a key part of these medical carts. 

What is great is that DataCart™ mobile workstations are completely customizable to meet your needs. Whatever solutions you need to make your staff more efficient, we can supply it!

Optimize productivity

The human arm can only carry so many things at once! 

One thing that we hear all the time from our customers in the medical industry is the need to find ways to make staff more efficient in their day-to-day work. In a hectic place like an emergency room or hospital, this is far from an easy task. One of the biggest ways that Workstations on Wheels help medical professionals and medical facilities alike are their ability to make everyone much more efficient and decrease downtime all while increasing the ability for medical professionals to focus on patient care. 

Making sure that more patients can be visited in one trip by providing proper storage, giving staff more energy by not making them carry equipment from room to room with ergonomic medical carts, and adding additional technology that makes knowledge transfer easier are all things that Workstations on Wheels can help with. 

As another added bonus, WoWs make telemedicine easier for doctors to visit with more patients without even needing to leave their office. 

Patient documentation

The amount of data we have now in the healthcare industry is an incredible advancement. At a moment’s notice, medical professionals can have the entire history of an individual and that information can help ensure that the patient is cared for appropriately. While most of us would love for all of this information to be online all the time, files are still a common sight in most medical facilities.

This is where WoWs can become extremely helpful. Being able to carry all of these medical records and have them safely accessible is made possible by Workstations on Wheels. Where this information is online or on a chart, a workstation makes it very easy to transport it from place to place. Not only that, but our secure carts make sure that these records are kept safe with an accessory like a locking storage drawer and that your hardware cannot be stolen by locking your laptop or computer into place. It is a true win for everyone from the patient to the medical professional.


Now more than ever, maintaining a clean environment is essential. While Workstations on Wheels can’t clean the facility for you (think about how great that would be!) they won’t be something your staff needs to be concerned about. All our computer carts are antimicrobial, are made of materials that are easy to clean and we even offer accessories to hold Sani-Wipes directly on the carts! We do this with medical facilities in mind to make everything much easier for those that use this equipment every single day! 

How does your staff use Workstations on Wheels to make their jobs easier? In what ways can your facility continue to improve its workflows and productivity?

If you have more questions, our staff is always ready to help!

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