Best Computer & Laptop Carts for Medical Facilities

best carts for each medical facility

Every medical facility is different. This means that every medical facility has different problems that it needs to solve with its medical carts.

Medical carts are an amazing tool for healthcare facilities, but choosing the wrong one for your situation could result in those unique needs not being met. You might think the decision would be easy, but there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right medical cart for your facility

As experts in the medical carts industry, we have seen and experienced all kinds of different facilities and their needs. Because of this experience, we feel uniquely qualified to point you in the right direction of the right medical cart for you. Let’s take a look at the most common types of facilities that our carts serve and the best type of cart for each of those situations.

Medical Carts For Hospitals, Clinics, And Doctor’s Offices

These types of facilities need a very specific kind of cart. There are a couple of things that are most important to consider if this is your kind of facility. 

First, many doctors and physicians are using these carts as a kind of mobile workstation. This means that the carts need to have plenty of storage space to keep all the technology that they might need, while also being large and sturdy enough to support laptops and other pieces of technology. 

In addition, with the amount of important information being stored on the technology, it is important that these carts are secure so that no patient information is lost or misplaced.

Because of these 2 factors, we often recommend our line of Secure Tech Carts. This line of carts offers Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctor’s Offices a cart that keeps patient information secure while providing everything needed to make them a fully mobile workspace. Also being one of our most customizable carts, they can be further changed to meet more of the exact needs of your staff. 

Medical Carts For Skilled Nursing Facilities 

Skilled nursing facilities are quite different from many others. They are often very limited in space and tend to be in older buildings, further making things difficult for patient care. All these things need to be taken into consideration when choosing a medical cart as having something with a small footprint with all the same “bells and whistles” of a standard cart is very important to maintain a high level of patient care. 

Because of this, we recommend skilled nursing facilities take a look at our Small Form Factor (SFF) Carts! The SFF line is made to be the best of a full-sized cart in a much smaller footprint. What’s even more incredible? Our SFF carts have more customizations available than some of our competitors’ full-sized carts! That means you can get everything you want in a cart, and MORE!

Medical Carts For Dialysis Centers

Patients in a Dialysis Center are often there for quite some time. With treatments sometimes taking 4-5 hours, it is important for them to feel comfortable while receiving their treatment. That is what Dialysis Centers need to consider while choosing a good medical cart for them. What is easy for the staff to use, but also something that can be used by a patient during the treatment they need?

Introducing our Kidney Cart! Kidney carts are the perfect “do it all” cart. They are perfect for patients to use while receiving care and with the adjustable height, can be converted into a mobile workstation to be used by care providers. Because of this flexibility, we knew that we had to make these carts easy to clean. That is why The entire cart is non-porous, antimicrobial for easy cleaning/disinfecting. We have even seen customers purchase these carts for their own home care because they enjoy them so much! 

No matter the medical facility, we have a cart solution for you! With a focus on customizability and the attention to the finer details of ergonomics we really have all the premium features that you could ask for.

Have a question about the type of cart that would work best for your facility? Our team of experts is ready to help you

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