Boost Office Productivity with Computer Carts on Wheels (COWs)

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Has productivity changed with remote and hybrid settings? Many surveys suggest conflicting feelings about productivity post-pandemic. The bottom line is flexibility and mobility are key to maintaining high productivity levels. One innovative solution gaining popularity is using mobile workstations, specifically computer carts on wheels (COWs). 

The advantages of mobile office furniture far outweigh those of fixed desks and chairs. This is true for flexible work scenarios, hybrid offices, and home office setups. Using a COW not only enhances efficiency but also offers a refreshing change of workspace, thereby boosting your energy levels.

Additionally, a COW is a contemporary substitute for a mundane office desk. The top portable monitor stands allow for freedom of movement, adjustment of height, and feature a compact design, which are essential elements in creating an ergonomic workstation. This blog will highlight the advantages of using a computer cart on wheels and the top choices for a mobile workstation for office use.

The Importance of Computer Carts on Wheels 

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With today’s office environment’s dynamic work and flexibility, computer carts on wheels (COWs) have become essential tools. They offer unparalleled flexibility; employees can move with their monitors/laptops, work accessories, and other gadgets. 

This mobility can lead to increased collaboration as team members can easily bring their work to group discussions or impromptu meetings. Furthermore, these carts can help optimize the use of space, a crucial aspect in many modern offices (or hybrid situations). By allowing workstations to be easily moved and reconfigured, businesses can adapt to changing needs without the cost or disruption of a traditional office redesign.

Benefits of Using Mobile Computer Carts 

Mobile computer carts offer numerous benefits in an office setting. Their ease of movement and adaptability boost workflow efficiency, making them versatile workplace tools. They save space with their compact design and multi-functionality, accommodating additional equipment and storage.

COWs often have adjustable height settings for ergonomic workstations that reduce physical strain, promoting healthier work habits. These carts also improve productivity by keeping equipment close at hand, reducing the time spent moving around. 

In offices with hot-desking policies, these carts offer flexibility and efficiency, as they can be quickly reconfigured for different users and moved to desired locations. They’re portable enough for meeting rooms and can create temporary workstations during peak times. Because of these benefits, they are also great for collaborative efforts and teamwork projects. 

Furthermore, IT staff can use these carts for on-the-go repairs and storage of spare parts. The built-in power strips and cable management systems streamline technology management, ensuring devices are always ready to use. Powered COWs also allow for a cordless, streamlined powered source! 

These benefits extend to health and well-being, with the option to alternate between sitting and standing reducing fatigue and increasing energy levels. They also promote collaboration and space efficiency, allowing businesses to adapt their work environment as needed.

Top DATACART™ Computer Carts for Office Spaces

Our DATACART™ computer carts on wheels (COWs) are completely customizable to meet the specific needs of your facility. Their adaptable sit-to-stand feature makes them ideal for providing cost-effective tech solutions that simplify office and admin duties. Backed by our DATACART™ guarantee and made with pride in the USA, we’re dedicated to providing professionals with the necessary technology.

Although we feature specific COWs for office settings, we have many more carts available that you can view here. Here are some computer carts for office spaces that we recommended: 

1. Kidney Cart 

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Our Kidney Cart, designed specifically for laptops, is a versatile addition to any office space. It offers two size options for a kidney-shaped, adjustable work surface. Its pneumatic lift allows easy height adjustment (29.5″ to 43″), enabling a seamless transition from sitting to standing operations.

The robust metal base of the cart is equipped with four silent-grade 4″ dual wheel casters, with front ones having locking capabilities. A contoured handle ensures easy maneuvering. Additionally, the work surface features a raised edge to prevent items from rolling off.

The cart is non-porous and anti-microbial, making it easy to clean and disinfect. It also includes integrated power and cable management systems and a 14′ coiled power cord. 

Available custom configurations and optional accessories include a slide-out keyboard tray, Sani-Wipe, scanner, sharps container, cup holders, LCD VESA mounts, laptop locking systems, battery power packs, printer/scanner/equipment shelves, and column extension. The cart comes with a five-year mechanical warranty.

2. Secure Laptop Cart


The Secure Laptop Enclosure Cart is designed with a large work surface and is adjustable to meet varying needs. The cart supports laptops up to 17” in size, with a smaller version for laptops up to 16”.

Key features include the pneumatic lift for easy height adjustment, allowing for a swift transition between sitting and standing operations. The laptop screen is protected by an adjustment mount to prevent overextension. Security is enhanced by placing the laptop in a combo-locked pan. Additional features include an ergonomic steel keyboard tray with negative tilt and sliding mouse tray, cable and power cord access holes, integrated power and cable management, and a 14’ coiled power cord.

Additionally, the design includes a retractable keyboard and mouse tray with a soft-close mechanism for minimal intrusion. Four silent-grade dual wheel casters support the sturdy metal base, with front casters easily locked or unlocked with a simple step. The work surface has a raised edge to prevent items from rolling off.

The cart can be customized to suit individual needs, and optional accessories include a slide-out keyboard tray, Sani-Wipe, scanner, sharps container, cup holders, multiple Vesa mounts, battery power packs, printer/scanner/equipment shelves, and storage drawers with lock options. It comes with a five-year mechanical warranty.

3. Rectangle Cart 

Rectangle Cart

The Rectangle Cart, designed specifically for laptops, is an adaptable workstation offering three size options for a rectangular work surface. With a pneumatic lift, users can easily adjust the height between 29.5” and 43”, allowing for seamless transitions between sitting and standing. The cart is designed for quiet, discreet operation, making it a great option for office spaces.

Built on a robust metal base, the cart features four silent-grade 4” dual wheel casters for mobility, with front casters that can be locked or unlocked with a simple step. Its ergonomically designed work surface has a raised edge to prevent items from rolling off, and a contoured steering handle ensures easy maneuverability.

The cart is designed for utility and convenience, featuring Hand Paddle Actuator Control, integrated power and cable management, and cable and power cord access holes. A 14’ coiled power cord is included. The entire cart is non-porous and anti-microbial, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.

Additionally, the cart offers custom configurations and comes with a five-year mechanical warranty.

4. Open Case Cart 

open cart

The Open Case Cart is a versatile and efficient desk designed for easy maintenance and transport. It’s ideal for office environments due to its anti-microbial properties and built-in storage. This cart is designed to keep accessories and supplies organized. It features two locking casters, manual height adjustment, and the capacity for custom configurations. Furthermore, it comes with a five-year mechanical warranty..

5. Powered Computer Cart 

DCT-6 1

The Powered Computer Cart is a versatile desk designed to support the demanding work of office professionals. With its battery-powered operation and innovative design, this cart offers exceptional battery life and maneuverability with ergonomic features. The cart is powered by a long-lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate 150w power system with AC outlets and a battery power fuel gauge.

It is equipped with a push-button electronic sit-stand height adjustment mechanism and a large ergonomic rectangular work surface. The cart also includes locking front casters and high-performance sealed dual-wheel casters for mobility.

A standout feature is its ergonomic steel keyboard tray with a negative tilt and left/right sliding mouse tray. Additional features include cable and power cord access holes, a contoured steering handle, an ergonomically placed footrest, and a large monitor mount with swivel and tilt adjustment. The cart integrates power and cable management efficiently and includes a 14 ft coiled power cord.

Custom configurations of the cart are available to meet specific needs. The cart offers a five-year mechanical warranty, a three-year battery warranty, and a two-year electronic warranty, underscoring its durability and high-quality design.

6. SFF Cart with Tablet Mount 

SFF Vesa 5

The SFF Cart with Tablet Mount is a compact and fully functional mobile tablet desk. With its small dimensions of 15.25″ x 14.5″, it can easily navigate the tightest spaces. It features an adjustable VESA Mount and a SecurTab Locking Tab Mount. Additionally, a pneumatic lift allows the cart’s work surface to adjust from 30″ to 44″, transitioning swiftly between sitting and standing operations.

The cart’s design is both lightweight and ergonomic. It comes with a contoured steering handle for easy movement and locking casters for stability. The work surface has raised edges to prevent items from falling off, and the entire cart is non-porous and anti-microbial, allowing easy disinfection.

Additionally, the cart offers a 4″ height storage drawer with options for a 3-digit combo lock, non-locking, or anti-pick key lock. It includes integrated cable management and a 14′ coiled power cord. For further customization, options such as locking supply drawers, a universal secure tablet mount, a universal tablet mount, and an 18″ articulating monitor arm are available. The cart comes with a five-year mechanical warranty.

See an office computer cart that fits your needs? Looking for a different cart or other customizations? Reach out to DATACART™ today to discuss computer carts for your facility! 


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