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Our Most Common Cart Accessories for Healthcare Facilities

Most common medical cart accessories

Accessories for Medical Carts come in all shapes and sizes and can be custom-built to help increase equipment use as you introduce new technology to your healthcare organization.

Here at DataCart™, we have custom-built hundreds of accessories that hold all kinds of customer equipment over the years. We maintain multiple common stand-out accessories that have greatly impacted how Medical Carts are used.  

Storage Drawer

This is the most requested accessory and the number of options to customize a drawer is surprisingly large.  There are different size drawers, different lock tops, drawers with foam lining, drawers with compartmental dividers for storage and drawers with charging ports. 

Some of the common uses for drawers are holding medical devices, securing medications, and storing supplies.

Wire Basket

Drawer storage not enough, need quick access?  We provide a wire basket that is another way to gain even more storage on your medical cart.  The wire basket is perfect for transporting files and other paperwork, providing an easy storage option.

Monitor Mounts

Monitor screen access and display is critical.  As technology and information sharing advances, there need to be multiple options to view and share screen information.  At DataCart™, we have carts designed to use the laptop screen to multiple options for monitor display from side-by-side to stacked monitors to front and back options to articulating arms to move monitors closer to the patient.  The articulating arm allows a lot of custom ability in how you deliver information for your patients.  Being able to move and place in unique positions lets each cart be flexible enough to be used in different settings across the facility.

Quick Release

Medical facilities need the unique ability to repurpose resources on a dime.  Adding the quick release to your medical cart monitor attachment allows you to quickly repurpose your monitor.  


Shelves come in all different sizes and serve multiple purposes to integrate equipment on a cart from printers and scanners to patient monitors and PTZ cameras. 


Security is a major priority.  Moving around a facility with a medical cart anyone can become distracted.  We offer several different types of locks along with other devices to either tether or anchor equipment for security.


DataCart™ provides single and dual wheel caster with brakes and without brakes along with multiple size options – 3”, 4” and 5”.  

A Legacy of Accessory Innovation

It starts with our listening, down to the last detail of the desired goal to accomplish and how it will be used.  From design to materials to construction, we offer numerous accessories and thousands of different accessory combinations that allow you to fully customize your medical cart to your specific need.  We pride ourselves on providing the best recommendations for you and being experts in our field and if we do not have it, we will build it.  If you want to learn more about our medical carts and their accessories, we would love to talk to you!