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Combining Top Of The Line Software With World-Class Telestroke Carts

Combining Top Of The Line Software With World-Class Telestroke Carts

As telehealth continues to be an area of importance in the healthcare industry, so is the need to have the correct equipment and software that can be reliable to get the job done.

That relationship between physical equipment and software is a problem that many in our industry are trying to solve. While others in the industry choose to work independently and hope that their solutions sync later on down the pipeline, we have chosen to take a much more active approach in this marketplace, ensuring that we work with those providing the best software to ensure our customers are getting a solution made to solve problems, not create new ones.

With collaboration being an area of focus for DataCart™ to bring you the best of the best, we’d like to feature a company that is using DataCart’s workstation on wheels solutions to mobilize their software to create amazing patient/provider experiences and improve outcomes.

Optimized Telehealth Software Solutions

ITeT is a telehealth software company offering full-featured, no-code applications to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver solutions, not just products, to their customers. They understand that there is no one size fits all for telehealth. Using ITeT’s no code Admin Panel, features and functionality are enabled/disabled, plug-ins activated, integrated medical devices selected, and content easily managed.

ITeT telehealth solutions support virtual visits, remote patient monitoring (continuous and intermittent), chronic disease management, and specialty consults. They chose DataCart™ to offer a wide range of high-quality telemedicine carts and cases to meet specific customer needs.

“ITeT is all about giving customers solutions that are optimized for their business practices and preferences. DataCart™ supports our quest to deliver the right solutions to our clients.”

Brenda Ecken, ITeT Vice President

Best Practices For Mobilizing Software Using DataCart™’s Best-In-Class Workstation On Wheels Solutions

Providing quality healthcare is important, whether that’s in the office, through virtual visits, or out in the field. ITeT’s telehealth software combines its top-of-the-line platform with the multiple different workstations on wheels and telehealth solutions that DataCart™ offers so that whatever scenario you’re in, you can be confident in your equipment in both your software and physical equipment.

Virtual Patient Visits

When most people think of telehealth, virtual visits are what come to mind first. While it might seem simple on the surface to provide these solutions to patients, ensuring complicance and giving the provider the tools they need to easily track the visit all while providing a smooth experience for the patient requires a much more powerful and customizable telehealth solution than many realize.

With these regular check-ups happening more on a virtual basis, ITeT’s Doctor4U pairs extremely well with the different Telehealth carts from DataCart™ such as our Telestroke Cart. Both Doctor4U and the Telestroke Cart increase the patient’s satisfaction with virtual visits by utilizing the included Logitech 1080p camera on the cart creating a personal touch to virtual visits and eliminating the administrative hassles for both you and the patient.

Chronic Care Management And Home Care Monitoring

Healthcare doesn’t just stop at the office or over a virtual visit, the need for mobile telehealth solutions continues to rise and ITeT combines its Home Care Monitoring solutions with our Portable Telehealth Kits to provide the best to patients no matter the location.

Home Care Monitoring helps lower the number of readmissions and reduces the length of hospital stays for those who still need care but could do so from the comfort of their home. From measuring blood, pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, temperature, and ECG, to sharing images with patients, the portable telehealth kit is a top choice for providers using their Home Care Monitoring solution.

The combination of ITeT’s telehealth solutions and DataCart™’s computer carts and kits have made a positive impact on both the care providers and the patients that they serve. DataCart™’s high-quality craftsmanship, customer services, and USA label allow ITeT to offer customers a wide range of telehealth carts and kits that meet their specific needs which only solidifies the goal of delivering the best solutions to providers.

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What Nurses Look For When Selecting Telehealth Carts

What to look for in telehealth carts

Telehealth is on the rise at a rapid pace in 2022, and the equipment and advancements in telehealth and telemedicine are only getting better. Nurses now have access not only at their fingertips to their records, communication channels, and other tools and assets but they also have this access available on the go with the addition of telehealth carts. Telehealth medical carts are not only beneficial to nurses for their transportability, but also for their communication capabilities, ease of use, customization, and so much more.

What Nurses Look for When Selecting a Telehealth Cart

When the time comes for nurses to select the telehealth cart that is the best fit for them, there are 3 main categories to look into before making a decision.


Having the freedom to take your gear on the go is a huge benefit when working in the medical field. Whether that’s different electronic devices or the need for a full computer setup, telehealth carts help keep needed items close by at all times. Our carts also have the option of battery life on the go, without the hassle of cords, wires, and the need to navigate an outlet.

Nurses are constantly on their feet and carrying multiple items at a time. Our carts provide the ability to place your work materials down while also being able to take them with you anywhere throughout the day. Some of our carts also come with the addition of utility bins and compartments to provide the perfect amount of additional storage for what you need from one location to the next.


Adaptation to digital communication is a key factor when purchasing new equipment. Living in the age of COVID-19, having access to digital communication with patients allows nurses to do their job anywhere, at any time. Using telehealth carts that allow for wireless audio communication and that integrate high-definition cameras provides cost-effective ways to properly and efficiently provide a remote diagnosis in a clinical setting.

This also allows for nurses, doctors, and patients to develop face-to-face relationships and convey empathy through their visits all while being in different locations. Having the access to wireless, visual and audio communication helps staff build more connections, and be more personable and intentional.

Ease of Use

After a long day on the job, the number one thing nurses are looking for is equipment that allows for an efficient setup, is customizable to their liking, and is easy to clean. With a telehealth cart, nurses can take their workstations on the go, optimize their cart with customization, and routinely keep up on maintenance and cleaning without the hassle of an entire workspace.

Which DataCart SFF Cart to Choose

There are so many options of DataCart SFF carts to choose from, so which one should you purchase? The decision may feel impossible, but there are plenty of ways to focus on a specific type of cart that we offer.

Tablet Roll Stand

If you’re looking for the cart to best fit for transportability, you may want to check out our Tablet Roll Stand. Complete with a multi-purpose storage bin, 3″ noiseless easy roll twin casters, and easily adjustable tablet viewing modes for optimal viewing comfort. This tablet on wheels solution is compact, lightweight, and easily transportable throughout any environment.

tablet roll stand telehealth cart

Telestroke Cart

Now, if communication is at the top of your list of needs, our Telestroke Cart may be the best fit for you. This cart is designed specifically for telehealth and telemedicine, with wireless audio communication and a high-tech HD camera with remote camera control. This cart is ideal for providing a cost-effective technology solution to assist in proper and efficient remote diagnosis in the clinical setting.

telestroke cart telehealth cart

SFF Cart

Our Small Form Factor Cart is one of our top recommendations if ease of use is most important when selecting telehealth carts. This cart delivers full functionality in a small form factor of 14.5” x 13.5”, answering the need to maneuver in even the smallest spaces. With the option to choose your work surface style, this cart also offers custom configurations to create the best fit for you.

SFF telehealth cart

Our main goal here at DataCart is to create SFF carts best fit for those in the healthcare field. Although some of our carts stand out more than others for certain goals, each of our carts is designed specifically to benefit nurses and doctors to the highest capacity. If you’re in the market for a new cart, but still have questions, please contact us today and let us help guide you in the right direction!

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Advantages Of Using Powered Medical Carts

Advantages of powered medical carts

The healthcare industry is advancing at a rapid pace. Every day there are discoveries, new advancements, new tools, and new technology. The addition of Small Form Factor (SFF) and telehealth medical carts has been extremely beneficial for healthcare professionals and patients alike, but the addition of powered medical carts is where the game began to change. Our powered medical carts are a key component in capturing data at the point of care, creating ease and efficiency in healthcare.

Advantages of Using Powered Medical Carts

One of the biggest advantages of using powered medical carts is the technology that comes along with them. Not only do you have your tools, communication, and supplies all in one place (and at your fingertips) but you have continued battery power, increased screen real estate, and customization to best fit your desired needs.

Technological Advantages

Taking your workstation on the go requires a lot (and we mean A LOT) of power on the backend. Our powered medical carts make this possible with continued battery power throughout the day, and an extremely healthy and long battery life. This eliminates the possibility of losing data and valuable information, instilling confidence among its users.

The ability to take a large monitor or screen with you wherever you go is another advantage of our powered medical carts. Some options include mounts and screens already programmed into the carts, increasing screen real estate tremendously. Our carts are designed to allow for screen adjustment, such as swiveling and tilting along with monitor selection for your perfectly configured cart preferences.

Our powered medical carts also integrate a push-button for electric sit-to-stand adjustments. After walking and being on your feet all day, it’s highly beneficial to be able to bring your workspace down to a seated level with just the push of a button.

Other Versatile Advantages

Along with having technological advantages, our medical carts are highly efficient when it comes to storage, personalization, and cart maintenance.

With any position in the medical field, you have a million things to jumble. Documents, data, and tools all need a specific place to be stored. With our carts, multiple compartments allow for document storage, cable management, and accessory additions. This way, you can keep your cart organized while also keeping your cart fully equipped with everything you need in your day-to-day work life.

Personalization may not always seem like the most important aspect when purchasing a cart, but it’s always a bonus. We offer add-ons and customization to our carts to allow our customers to find their perfect fit. Whether it’s selecting a monitor type or having custom configurations done, our goal is to get our clients set up with their ideal workspace on the go.

Cart maintenance is often overlooked when shopping around, and our goal at DataCart is to provide swift and easy maintenance every single time we create a product. Our carts are specifically designed for easy cleaning and accessible maintenance so that your cart can stay top of the line, all the time.

If you’re in a work environment where long battery life is a must, or you have smaller room settings in the office, using powered medical carts may be the best option for you and your team. Contact us today and see how many different ways we can combine our solutions to make the perfect solution for your needs!

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Telehealth Used In Healthcare Continues To Grow But Is Your Facility Fit For It?

Telemedicine Technology Offices

Telehealth is going to be used in healthcare for years to come!

That is a fact that no one in the medical industry is going to debate. With the advancement in telemedicine technology and equipment, telehealth is becoming much easier and more affordable to do.

While the recent COVID-19 pandemic has launched how much telehealth is used in healthcare forward in terms of adoption by both patients and physicians, many facilities are being left behind because of decreasing budgets and having their energy focused on caring for COVID patients.

However, now that we are seeing some reprieve, it might be time to prepare your medical facility by looking at the latest telemedicine technology on the market.

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a term that describes the act of providing healthcare services to patients through technology instead of seeing them in your facility or practice. This differs slightly from the term “telemedicine” which describes providing patient care digitally like giving prescriptions are other treatments. While the terms telehealth and telemedicine differ slightly, they have the same goal: To provide care more quickly and effectively from anywhere to the people who need it most.

Is Your Facility Ready?

To better understand what your medical facility might need to implement an effective telehealth program, take note of these pieces of telehealth technology you might want to add to your budgets.


While ‘equipment’ is a very broad category, it does really encompass every piece of telemedicine technology and equipment you might have to impact your program. Things you may want to consider include computers, PTZ cameras, medical devices, and of course, medical computer carts that will allow you to take this technology anywhere in the facility.

Ease for patients online

While you are looking into the equipment your team needs to have effective telehealth appointments, you also have to consider the process that the patients are going to go through. It is a good time to review the entire patient process from booking the appointment all the way through post-care and see where there might be a roadblock to making things easy. This may require you to make a couple of large process changes, but you will thank yourself later when patients see just how easy the process of telehealth used in healthcare is.

Rooms for staff to have appointments

Space is at an absolute premium in medical facilities, however, dedicated space for your team to take telehealth appointments is a must. While it might seem like a big ask in the beginning, you will quickly realize that dedicating space to virtual appointments will reduce the number of rooms needed per day and put much less of a strain on the space needed for care.

Is Your Staff Ready?

Getting all the telehealth technology and preparing the rest of the facility for telehealth is one thing. Making sure that your staff is trained and ready is another. While your team is likely a very intelligent one that has at least some experience using technology to do their charts and other things, telehealth is an entirely different ball game with a lot of things to learn!

Making sure your staff is trained and ready to go is another essential piece in preparing your program for telehealth used in healthcare.


New equipment means new questions to answer and new things that your IT and technology team are going to have to deal with. Trying to make sure your team is as trained as possible on the new equipment they are going to be using is crucial to making your program start smoothly.


Along with new equipment comes new software to learn and understand. While there are many telehealth systems that are out there today to make this easier, it is important to pick the right one for you that has a key focus on training.

While there is always going to be a focus on in-person primary care, you will be amazed how much strain you can take off your team with a telehealth program.

Investing in the right telemedicine technology and training is going to be crucial to the success of your program, if you haven’t already, be sure to see what things are out there and how they can be best applied to your facility.

So what do you think? Are you ready?

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Cost-Effective And Powerful All-In-One Workstation On Wheels Battery Option

Hot Swappable Batteries

Our partnership with ELORA batteries allows us to create amazing solutions for our clients looking for a workstation on wheels that meets their exact needs.

When most in the industry think about the combination of medical carts and batteries, they think about our larger, powered medical carts that have tons of bells and whistles. While these are great solutions, they are not the best solution for everyone.

While some would love to use powered medical carts, limitations on space or budget might have you looking for a new solution. If this sounds like a situation you are in, see just how powerful (pun intended) DataCart workstations on wheels and ELORA hot-swappable batteries can be.

Benefits Of Using A Hot-Swappable Battery

Cheaper to have mobile workstations on wheels and batteries than a powered cart

As we mentioned above, powered medical carts can be incredible tools in the right situations, however, many facilities do not need some of the bells and whistles that come with these types of carts. Combining a similar solution like our kidney laptop carts with an ELORA battery gives you almost all of the benefits at only a fraction of the total cost.

Lighter than the usual powered cart

Powered carts are known to be a little bit on the larger side which makes them not realistic for smaller medical facilities where space is a concern. These situations would be better served by one of DataCart’s small form factor (SFF) carts. When these carts are combined with a hot-swappable battery system, you once again get to realize the benefits of larger powered carts that you never thought you would have!

Simple “swap” process with batteries

Most powered medical carts come with their batteries built into the system. While that has its benefits, it makes the entire system of charging and rotating carts a little more complex and harder to manage.

We’ve mentioned already how the ELORA system is a hot-swappable system, but now is the time to show how big of a benefit that feature is! A hot-swappable battery system allows your carts to never run out of battery or need time to charge. When a battery is low, simply walk to an ELORA charging station, remove the battery, and install a new one. In under 10 seconds, you have a fully powered medical cart ready to get back to action and assist your team.

Forget about worrying about where outlets are in the office

Everyone knows how it feels to walk into a room in need of an outlet, but have none available. Especially in older medical facilities, power outlets can be at a premium and be occupied with essential medical equipment that could be the difference in keeping someone alive.

When you attach a battery system to your medical carts, you essentially bring extra outlets into every room that you enter! ELORA batteries have a capacity of 6 to 8 hours of run time which is enough energy to keep all your electronics powered and then some all day long and makes them an excellent backup plan when you need it most.

When you combine DataCart with ELORA batteries, you unlock a whole new world of solutions that you never thought possible. Contact us today and see how many different ways we can combine our solutions to make the perfect solution for your needs!

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What is Telehealth Nursing?

What is Telehealth Nursing

While the entire medical industry has changed quite a bit over the last few years, the world of nursing has probably changed the most drastically and will continue to here in 2022.

While there are a ton of changes that should be talked about, we are going to focus on just one for this article – the emergence of telehealth nursing.

Telehealth might be a new term for many, so what does telehealth mean? Simply put, it is the action of providing care and advice while the provider and patient are not in the same room together. While most of us think that this primarily has impacted doctors, nurses are also now being asked to do much of their job via telehealth.

So how does this work and how can healthcare facilities make sure they are prepared to make this an easy process for nurses?

What is Telehealth Nursing?

While we have already defined what telehealth is, let’s talk about what it specifically means for nurses.

Nurses play such an important and critical role in our healthcare system. They are often the first and last person that a patient sees when they enter your facility for either a simple well appointment or for something much more specific. They are responsible for taking the initial notes about the patient, as well as checking the simple vital signs and triaging them so that the doctors can do their job more effectively

Now when it comes to telehealth, much of this stays the same. Nurses can now do the initial questioning of telehealth patients, ask about their symptoms, and make sure that your team has all the information before a telehealth appointment.

But it doesn’t stop there. Telehealth nursing also encompasses nurses’ lines where nurses are on call and can answer simple questions about medications, treatment plans, or symptoms so that the patients can get the information they need without needing a full appointment with a doctor as nurses are also trained to answer most medical-related questions. This takes the pressure off the doctors and allows nurses to provide amazing care to patients that might not need a full medical appointment.

Why Is Telehealth Nursing Important and What Are The Advantages?

The emergence of telehealth nursing is incredibly important in today’s medical world and has many advantages not just for your facility, but also for doctors, patients, and the nurses themselves.

COVID-19 Environment

The first clear advantage in today’s environment is with COVID-19 treatment. Most questions that patients have about COVID-19 can be answered by a nurse. This allows the patients to get much quicker answers to their questions without needing to come into your facility and possibly spread more infections.

On the opposite side. Telehealth nursing allows nurses that have tested positive for COVID-19 and cannot yet return to work to still contribute to the facility while still being able to quarantine and recover at home.

Easy Access To Help and Mobility

Both of these advantages during today’s COVID-19 environment don’t stop with the pandemic. The core advantages of easy access and being mobile with telehealth visits are still advantageous that will last long past the pandemic.

Studies have shown that 20% of all hospital visits could have been solved via telehealth. While that might not seem like a big number, reducing the number of patients by 20% could make or break a facility during busy times. For the patient, that means a far smaller hospital bill than they would have received with a trip to the ER while not losing anything in the way of their outcome.

Furthermore, telehealth nursing gives facilities access to different tools they might not have had before because nurses could answer patients’ questions from almost anywhere. This helps assist with things such as the nursing shortages we are seeing today. Overall, this means more resources and faster answers for patients with less of a strain on your facility’s resources.

What Technology Is Needed Or Useful In Telehealth Nursing?

While telehealth nursing seems like a no-brainer, it is not something that you can just start today without investing in the right technology to make the jobs of the nurses involved easier.

Telemedicine Exam Kits

One innovative solution that we are offering is our Telemedicine Exam Kits. These kits are specifically useful for home healthcare nurses and others that are on the move and visiting patients outside the facility. Making sure nurses have everything needed to be successful with their patient in one kit while also having the added benefit of telehealth technology helps them get the resources that they need in case they have an additional question out in the field.

Another application might be for places such as prisons, or retirement homes where they do not have instant access to a full medical team. Having a kit with a nurse on the other side of the line ready to ask questions could be a vital tool in making sure patients get the care they need.

Investing in your overall telehealth technology and program is also a great way to make sure not only nurses but your entire medical team have the technology they need to make patient care easier and reduce the number of people in your facility each day. We do this by helping you create medical technology carts that are unique to you and the needs of your patients!

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How Can I Customize My Medical Computer Cart?

How can I customize my medical cart

One of the benefits of investing in a medical computer cart or workstation on wheels is the ability to customize it to exactly what you need. With having many different needs within your workday, having the perfect medical cart for you is important to us.

Mounting Solutions

Monitor Mounting

While many of the things your team does day to day may only require a single monitor, there are times when an external monitor would be a major benefit. However, increasing your screen real estate while keeping your carts to a smaller size can be a challenge. Enter Monitor Mounts!

There are many benefits to having your computer monitors mounted to your cart. The main benefit is keeping your medical workstation on wheels clear of extra things that would get in the way of using the surface.

Another benefit is the flexibility it gives you in showing information to patients. Depending on the mounting system you choose, you can have swivel arms that can extend out multiple feet from the cart itself and swivel a full 270º. This allows you to more easily share information, especially in smaller spaces.

One of the features many of our medical cart mounting arms come with is something called Quick Release. This allows you to quickly and easily remove monitors from the mounts without extra tools. This is a great feature for IT professionals and medical professionals alike as it allows for much simpler repairs and cleaning.

Medical Computer Cart Mount Quick Release

Scanner Mounting

At DataCart, we offer multiple different scanner mounts for your medical computer cart to make sure scanners are out of the way and secure. If you have a scanner, we likely have a mount to match it. Even if you have a scanner that doesn’t fit one of our mounts, we will find it for you to make sure you have exactly what you need!

As we mentioned before, monitor mounts can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and each has its own benefits. Whether you are looking for extenders, swivels, or just something simple, we have the solution for you!

Storage Solutions

As medical professionals are out on the floor, they need a lot of things to do their job successfully. The feeling of a nurse or doctor after walking into a room and realizing they forgot something they need and that they need to walk all the way across the hospital to get it can be a draining one. If only there was a solution to help.

Mobile medical cart storage is the gift that keeps on giving. Adding storage to your medical carts means that your staff won’t have to make multiple long-distance trips just to get something simple.

This reduces the number of steps they take during the day, reducing burnout and keeping energy levels higher. When your staff has higher energy and access to the tools they need more quickly, patient outcomes are able to increase and who doesn’t want that?

Storage options for workstations on wheels are really there to meet the needs and functions of that cart. For example, our wire baskets are perfect for those who are carrying a lot of paperwork or files around the facility. Our secure drawers are great for those needing to carry around extra equipment, medications, and other things they need to make sure remain safe.

Even something as simple as a container holder lets your team carry around that extra medical item they need, or even just make sure they have their water with them to stay hydrated throughout the day. All these options are available to make your medical cart perfect for you.

medical workstation on wheels storage bin

Security Solutions

Now more than ever, security is a top priority for medical facilities. With the crazy amount of information and data available at the fingertips of medical professionals, it is important to keep laptops and other pieces of equipment that carry that information safe and secure. We know this here at DataCart, which is why we offer a wide variety of security solutions.

We’ve seen it all in our time in the medical industry. Laptops going missing and never being found. Files with patient information disappearing. Both of the things are major problems that can leave your facilities open to a lot of other problems long term.

One of a medical facility’s biggest risks right now is allowing a breach in patient data to happen. However, making sure equipment and data stays safe takes brainpower and awareness. You don’t want your medical team always having to look over their shoulder to make sure everything is safe.

That is why equipping your medical carts with security solutions will help you keep things safe easily and without even thinking.

Our security solutions stretch over a variety of options – from something as simple as a cable and lock to something as complex as a locking laptop mount. We pride ourselves on creating quality products with all of our locks being made of strong material that takes a lot of effort to break. (We’ve had customers need to break out some pretty heavy equipment to get our locks open). All of this is to make sure the most precious of patient information remains safe and within your facility.

As you can see, there are many ways to customize your computer cart. If you want to learn more about just what DataCart can do for you, contact us today!

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World-Class Workstations On Wheels Paired With Industry-Leading CPUs

Data Cart Medical Computer Carts

When we were searching for a company to partner with to provide CPU solutions to our clients, we wanted someone that was at the cutting edge of technology, had a heavy focus working with the medical industry, and above all else, listened to their customers and put them at the center of their business.

When you pair together their groundbreaking technology solutions with our best-in-class workstations on wheels, medical professionals and teams get a truly premium experience that helps them become more efficient and increase positive patient outcomes.

We’d like to introduce this partnership and show just how the products that DT Research produces truly take our medical computer carts to another level of quality.

When you look at DT Research, there are very few companies like them out there. Some competitors will do pieces of what they do, but not everything that they do.

Why DT Research Focused On Healthcare CPUs

DT Research has been creating computing solutions for over 26 years serving multiple industries including government, OEM, manufacturing, and of course, medical and healthcare.

Over that time, they have proven themselves to be innovators being the first to create all-in-one solutions that allowed battery pack swaps as well as the first to produce tablets that could be used with night vision goggles.

While most medical professionals won’t find themselves in need of night vision tablets, it just shows the innovation of DT Research and why they are viewed as a leader in the industry. They saw the opportunity to apply what they had learned serving other industries to give the medical community something truly unique and built specifically for them.

In order to serve the healthcare community, the focus has shifted to providing products that are easy to clean, antimicrobial, and durable. Not only that, but we share a common drive to make our products as customizable as possible to better meet the needs of our customers.

DataCart™ WoWs Use These Healthcare CPUs For Many Applications

This shared passion for creating fully customized medical computer carts and computing solutions for our customers allows us to apply our products to an incredibly wide number of applications in various medical facilities to meet their specific goals.

No matter the problem they are trying to solve, medical facilities can rest easier knowing that they are getting a medical cart and computing solution that meets exactly what they need to reduce stress on their staff and also improve the care patients receive every day through better technology and more accessible data.

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself some of the products DT Research has created just to solve the needs of medical professionals.


For those that need a little more power, but are still on the move, battery-operated all-in-ones are the real “do-it-all” option. Pairs well with our Secure Tech Enclosure Cart.

DCT-1B3-LCD Secure Tech Enclosed Cart


When even more power is needed with less mobility, all-in-one computers make collecting patient information even easier. Pairs well with our Power Computer Cart.


When displaying information clearly to patients and professionals is of the utmost importance, medical-grade monitors fit the bill! Pairs well with our Powered Telehealth Cart.


A great solution for those that need the power of an all-in-one computer while still having the ability to move that power from place to place. Pairs well with our Open Case Cart.


A solution that allows medical teams to have data and information at their fingertips in an easy-to-carry yet powerful solution. Pairs well with our Small Form Factor Carts and Tablet Roll Stand.

Roll Stand and SFF Cart


For medical teams that work in tough conditions or outside of a facility, rugged laptops allow you to have the confidence your technology will not be damaged and maintain a high level of performance. Pairs well with our Powered Secure Laptop Cart.

We always strive to provide the very best for our clients, which is why we choose to partner with DT Research. When you trust DataCart™ to help you solve your medical computer cart needs, you know that you are getting the very best from quality to functionality. Now, you can trust that you will get the same out of your technology when you trust DT Research like we do every day.

To learn more about how to best pair workstations on wheels with computing solutions, contact us today!

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Taking Healthcare To The Next Level With Telehealth

Taking Healthcare to the next level

It is amazing to see how far telehealth has come over the last few years.

Back before the COVID-19 pandemic, the telehealth industry was the “wild west” where there really were no rules that were set in stone. While many healthcare facilities have some telehealth programs and policies in place, they were not fully formed and doctors were tasked with doing telemedicine in the best ways that they knew how.

Fast forward 2 years and now telehealth has become a permanent staple of the medical industry. Patients are now able to see a medical professional right from the comfort of their own home saving both, them and the care provider, time and money.

With the advancement and advantages of telehealth, came the advancement of the technology used by healthcare facilities. We have seen it ourselves with our medical carts and how facilities are fully customizing them to make their telehealth programs even better and take their technology anywhere.

And when we say taking telehealth anywhere, we mean ANYWHERE! One of the products that customers new and old inquire about the most is our new Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kits produced in partnership with Care On Location.

These telemedicine kits have many amazing benefits that allow them to solve problems in healthcare that were previously thought to be unsolvable.

Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kits

Top Benefits Of The Telehealth Kit

So what are the top benefits of using mobile telehealth kits and adding them to your technology stack?


Most obviously, having the ability to take telehealth anywhere is one of the biggest benefits of mobile telehealth kits. So many times in healthcare, patient outcomes can vary dramatically just because of how quickly care can be administered. Increased mobility of your telehealth program allows those who might not have easy access to care, to get what they need much quicker, even in the toughest of conditions. The kit can also be combined with a quick-release tripod backpack enabling it to be carried and set up anywhere.


While it is possible to still bring telemedicine solutions with you on the go without a kit, having a neat, organized, and secure way to transport technology and other life-saving items makes mobile telehealth that much more effective.


While some others offer similar solutions in the market, the pricing on our telehealth kits allows you to make a smart investment into your telehealth offering.


If you have an already existing telehealth program at your medical facility. Telemedicine kits are the perfect addition to round out your offering and bring another new element to how you can increase patient care and outcomes.

Use Models For The Telehealth Kit

While all of this might sound good to you, you might be asking yourself exactly how telehealth kits can be implemented into real-world scenarios. Here are just some of the ways our customers are currently using our telehealth kits and while not all of them might apply to you, there may be some inspiration to show you just how valuable they can be.

Community Health Workers

Many clinics around the world are recognizing that they are unable to fully reach their patients through their brick-and-mortar locations. Community health workers are being trained to take healthcare to the patient and provide simple services such as educating patients about disease, perform health screenings, promote health practices, and linking patients into services. These front-line workers provide needed services to areas where health disparities are the greatest. Mobile Telehealth Kits add a next-level capability to community health workers, enabling them to be the eyes and ears of medical staff.

Homeless Populations

One of the biggest hurdles in providing care to the homeless population is the ability to get them to a facility for care. A lack of transportation alongside a general fear of medical invention in this population makes providing care even more difficult. Mobile Telehealth Kits allow medical professionals to meet them where they are and provide the care that these people desperately need to treat both physical and mental health conditions.

Prison Systems

Medical teams at prison facilities deal with an extremely unique set of circumstances including high patient-to-care provider ratios, fewer resources and funding, and dangerous circumstances that don’t always allow them to provide the care a patient might need. Telemedicine kits can assist by getting these care providers access to experts that can help them with particularly difficult cases or for specialists to weigh on complex cases without having to transport the prisoner.

Worksite Injuries

When an injury occurs on a worksite, time could be of the essence. Depending on the specific injury or work being done, get quick access to an expert and be a challenge. Having access to a professional quickly who can help assess an injury and proper next steps can prevent possible complications before they start.

Search and Rescue Operations

Many of these operations happen in rough terrain far from any form of civilization let alone a medical facility. Having mobile kits that are easy to carry and can withstand the elements can give search and rescue teams access to resources that they could have never dreamed of before. Imagine a doctor in New York being able to assess a hiker in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and make sure that the team at the scene has the best information to keep that person safe.

Lady caring for hiker

As you can see, there are so many ways to implement Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kits. We are proud to be offering a solution that will allow patients everywhere to get the care that they need quickly and to make it as easy as possible for the teams administering care.

If you want to learn more about our Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kits, contact us today!

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Top 5 Nursing Trends in 2022

Top 5 Nursing Trends in 2022

The last few years have brought a lot of change to the nursing profession and 2022 will be no different.

As we look ahead into the future of nursing there are a lot of things that are likely to change as hospitals and healthcare systems continue to evolve and address many of the current nursing issues and concerns of their staff.

There are many things that we see as possibilities in 2022, but here are some of the trends in nursing that we think we will see in the next year.

The rise of Telemedicine

The usage of telemedicine has grown by 6000% over the last two years and that current trend within nursing is here to stay. As medical facilities and hospital systems need to see more and more patients, telemedicine proves to have many advantages to help provide quality care.

For nurses, this can mean a shift in responsibility to assist with getting these meetings prepped and ready to go and in some circumstances, having them run the appointments almost entirely with the doctor coming in to give a final diagnosis and treatment.

While many of these responsibilities won’t change, it will cause the next generation of nurses to become very familiar with technology and different techniques for getting information from patients before appointments.

“The focus on nurses and the use of technology will absolutely be a priority in 2022 and beyond. As a large cohort of nurses today were originally trained without the current abundance of advanced technology, they have had to learn to adapt to the ever rapidly changing environment around them in order to proficiently care for patients. Availability of resources to train the staff in the use of all technology, particularly mobile technology will be critical.

With the advent of Covid, virtuality catapulted across the globe. Zoom- TEAMs- and all virtual platforms have become a part of everyday living in order to communicate not only with friends, family, and education but also has become crucial in healthcare through telehealth platforms. Telehealth was a vision in the 2000s and has had slow adaptation over the past twenty years. Covid fast-tracked it almost overnight. It became a “maybe someday”- to- “right now today” and yes, as discussed in the article, nurses are on the front line in the preparation and implementation of telehealth medicine.

2022 will definitely be a year for continued change and these five trends are at the forefront for nurses.” – RN, Chris Lingner

Nurses will continue to be more technologically savvy

The more time that passes, the more and more technology that nurses have adopted into their everyday work. From complicated medical equipment to laptops and tablets, nurses can really do it all when it comes to technology.

2022 will be the first time that a class of new nurses have been trained using almost exclusively technology and are more familiar than ever with even the most complicated of equipment.

In addition, the move to make many nursing programs almost exclusively online has given them a unique view into the world of telemedicine without even realizing it. They have been asked to complete coursework, labs, and even do exams through a computer. This means they are uniquely positioned to jump right into the workforce with the knowledge their predecessors have had to learn on the fly.

Now more than ever, it is essential that nurses become savvy with technology meant to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

Salaries for Registered Nurses will stay steady or increase

Nurses are going to be one of the most in-demand positions of 2022, which has many implications. One of those is that salaries for Registered Nurses are primed to at the very least stay steady, and more likely increase over the course of the year.

This rise in wages is also going to be tied to the number of additional responsibilities that many nurses are asking to take on as well as the increasing number of patients that they can see with the technology that we have in today’s medical facilities.

All of these things, don’t even include the potential increase in hours needed and difficult work environments that the COVID-19 pandemic might have in store for us all, which could accelerate this increase in wages.

The rise of the traveling nurse

Because of this incredible demand for quality, trained nurses they might be much harder to come by than in previous years. This means that the demand for traveling nurses is going to be higher than ever.

Traveling nurses are a select group of nurses that are willing to travel the country to work in hospitals and healthcare facilities when they are short-staffed. These contracts could last only a few weeks or multiple months depending on need. This has become an increasingly good adoption for hospitals looking to cover a short-staffed department while they are in the process of hiring someone new.

This is also very lucrative for new nurses that are willing to travel often to new cities and new facilities because they can be paid 2x-3x the amount that a standard nurse would be paid.

With the increase in the amount of traveling nurses in a facility, it is important to make sure your medical facility is able to quickly train this staff and have all the technology and equipment they need to do their jobs effectively.

Travel Nurse Openings Graph
BC-US-Travel Nurses-Are-Being-Offered-as-Much-as-$8000-a-Week, Alex Tanzi

A focus on mental health

These last few years have been extremely rough on nursing staff. Many of them have been asked to work long hours in tough conditions often to the point of burnout. Through doing that, there has been an incredible new focus on making sure that nurses are not only appreciated but also given the time needed to recover properly from a tough shift and make sure they have the resources they need to do their jobs.

This renewed focus on mental health for nurses is a fantastic thing for them, medical facilities, and patients. The nursing staff is often the front line of communication between the medical team and the patient. A nurse that is refreshed and given resources to focus on mental health can better communicate with patients and provide overall better care with improved outcomes. This means the patient gets excellent care and may be able to recover more quickly and with a better overall experience.

What is not to love about that?

What do you think the biggest trends in nursing will be for 2022? We’d love to hear what you think the future holds for the most important part of any medical team!