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World-Class Workstations On Wheels Paired With Industry-Leading CPUs

Data Cart Medical Computer Carts

When we were searching for a company to partner with to provide CPU solutions to our clients, we wanted someone that was at the cutting edge of technology, had a heavy focus working with the medical industry, and above all else, listened to their customers and put them at the center of their business.

When you pair together their groundbreaking technology solutions with our best-in-class workstations on wheels, medical professionals and teams get a truly premium experience that helps them become more efficient and increase positive patient outcomes.

We’d like to introduce this partnership and show just how the products that DT Research produces truly take our medical computer carts to another level of quality.

When you look at DT Research, there are very few companies like them out there. Some competitors will do pieces of what they do, but not everything that they do.

Why DT Research Focused On Healthcare CPUs

DT Research has been creating computing solutions for over 26 years serving multiple industries including government, OEM, manufacturing, and of course, medical and healthcare.

Over that time, they have proven themselves to be innovators being the first to create all-in-one solutions that allowed battery pack swaps as well as the first to produce tablets that could be used with night vision goggles.

While most medical professionals won’t find themselves in need of night vision tablets, it just shows the innovation of DT Research and why they are viewed as a leader in the industry. They saw the opportunity to apply what they had learned serving other industries to give the medical community something truly unique and built specifically for them.

In order to serve the healthcare community, the focus has shifted to providing products that are easy to clean, antimicrobial, and durable. Not only that, but we share a common drive to make our products as customizable as possible to better meet the needs of our customers.

DataCart™ WoWs Use These Healthcare CPUs For Many Applications

This shared passion for creating fully customized medical computer carts and computing solutions for our customers allows us to apply our products to an incredibly wide number of applications in various medical facilities to meet their specific goals.

No matter the problem they are trying to solve, medical facilities can rest easier knowing that they are getting a medical cart and computing solution that meets exactly what they need to reduce stress on their staff and also improve the care patients receive every day through better technology and more accessible data.

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself some of the products DT Research has created just to solve the needs of medical professionals.


For those that need a little more power, but are still on the move, battery-operated all-in-ones are the real “do-it-all” option. Pairs well with our Secure Tech Enclosure Cart.

DCT-1B3-LCD Secure Tech Enclosed Cart


When even more power is needed with less mobility, all-in-one computers make collecting patient information even easier. Pairs well with our Power Computer Cart.


When displaying information clearly to patients and professionals is of the utmost importance, medical-grade monitors fit the bill! Pairs well with our Powered Telehealth Cart.


A great solution for those that need the power of an all-in-one computer while still having the ability to move that power from place to place. Pairs well with our Open Case Cart.


A solution that allows medical teams to have data and information at their fingertips in an easy-to-carry yet powerful solution. Pairs well with our Small Form Factor Carts and Tablet Roll Stand.

Roll Stand and SFF Cart


For medical teams that work in tough conditions or outside of a facility, rugged laptops allow you to have the confidence your technology will not be damaged and maintain a high level of performance. Pairs well with our Powered Secure Laptop Cart.

We always strive to provide the very best for our clients, which is why we choose to partner with DT Research. When you trust DataCart™ to help you solve your medical computer cart needs, you know that you are getting the very best from quality to functionality. Now, you can trust that you will get the same out of your technology when you trust DT Research like we do every day.

To learn more about how to best pair workstations on wheels with computing solutions, contact us today!

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Taking Healthcare To The Next Level With Telehealth

Taking Healthcare to the next level

It is amazing to see how far telehealth has come over the last few years.

Back before the COVID-19 pandemic, the telehealth industry was the “wild west” where there really were no rules that were set in stone. While many healthcare facilities have some telehealth programs and policies in place, they were not fully formed and doctors were tasked with doing telemedicine in the best ways that they knew how.

Fast forward 2 years and now telehealth has become a permanent staple of the medical industry. Patients are now able to see a medical professional right from the comfort of their own home saving both, them and the care provider, time and money.

With the advancement and advantages of telehealth, came the advancement of the technology used by healthcare facilities. We have seen it ourselves with our medical carts and how facilities are fully customizing them to make their telehealth programs even better and take their technology anywhere.

And when we say taking telehealth anywhere, we mean ANYWHERE! One of the products that customers new and old inquire about the most is our new Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kits produced in partnership with Care On Location.

These telemedicine kits have many amazing benefits that allow them to solve problems in healthcare that were previously thought to be unsolvable.

Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kits

Top Benefits Of The Telehealth Kit

So what are the top benefits of using mobile telehealth kits and adding them to your technology stack?


Most obviously, having the ability to take telehealth anywhere is one of the biggest benefits of mobile telehealth kits. So many times in healthcare, patient outcomes can vary dramatically just because of how quickly care can be administered. Increased mobility of your telehealth program allows those who might not have easy access to care, to get what they need much quicker, even in the toughest of conditions. The kit can also be combined with a quick-release tripod backpack enabling it to be carried and set up anywhere.


While it is possible to still bring telemedicine solutions with you on the go without a kit, having a neat, organized, and secure way to transport technology and other life-saving items makes mobile telehealth that much more effective.


While some others offer similar solutions in the market, the pricing on our telehealth kits allows you to make a smart investment into your telehealth offering.


If you have an already existing telehealth program at your medical facility. Telemedicine kits are the perfect addition to round out your offering and bring another new element to how you can increase patient care and outcomes.

Use Models For The Telehealth Kit

While all of this might sound good to you, you might be asking yourself exactly how telehealth kits can be implemented into real-world scenarios. Here are just some of the ways our customers are currently using our telehealth kits and while not all of them might apply to you, there may be some inspiration to show you just how valuable they can be.

Community Health Workers

Many clinics around the world are recognizing that they are unable to fully reach their patients through their brick-and-mortar locations. Community health workers are being trained to take healthcare to the patient and provide simple services such as educating patients about disease, perform health screenings, promote health practices, and linking patients into services. These front-line workers provide needed services to areas where health disparities are the greatest. Mobile Telehealth Kits add a next-level capability to community health workers, enabling them to be the eyes and ears of medical staff.

Homeless Populations

One of the biggest hurdles in providing care to the homeless population is the ability to get them to a facility for care. A lack of transportation alongside a general fear of medical invention in this population makes providing care even more difficult. Mobile Telehealth Kits allow medical professionals to meet them where they are and provide the care that these people desperately need to treat both physical and mental health conditions.

Prison Systems

Medical teams at prison facilities deal with an extremely unique set of circumstances including high patient-to-care provider ratios, fewer resources and funding, and dangerous circumstances that don’t always allow them to provide the care a patient might need. Telemedicine kits can assist by getting these care providers access to experts that can help them with particularly difficult cases or for specialists to weigh on complex cases without having to transport the prisoner.

Worksite Injuries

When an injury occurs on a worksite, time could be of the essence. Depending on the specific injury or work being done, get quick access to an expert and be a challenge. Having access to a professional quickly who can help assess an injury and proper next steps can prevent possible complications before they start.

Search and Rescue Operations

Many of these operations happen in rough terrain far from any form of civilization let alone a medical facility. Having mobile kits that are easy to carry and can withstand the elements can give search and rescue teams access to resources that they could have never dreamed of before. Imagine a doctor in New York being able to assess a hiker in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and make sure that the team at the scene has the best information to keep that person safe.

Lady caring for hiker

As you can see, there are so many ways to implement Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kits. We are proud to be offering a solution that will allow patients everywhere to get the care that they need quickly and to make it as easy as possible for the teams administering care.

If you want to learn more about our Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kits, contact us today!

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Top 5 Nursing Trends in 2022

Top 5 Nursing Trends in 2022

The last few years have brought a lot of change to the nursing profession and 2022 will be no different.

As we look ahead into the future of nursing there are a lot of things that are likely to change as hospitals and healthcare systems continue to evolve and address many of the current nursing issues and concerns of their staff.

There are many things that we see as possibilities in 2022, but here are some of the trends in nursing that we think we will see in the next year.

The rise of Telemedicine

The usage of telemedicine has grown by 6000% over the last two years and that current trend within nursing is here to stay. As medical facilities and hospital systems need to see more and more patients, telemedicine proves to have many advantages to help provide quality care.

For nurses, this can mean a shift in responsibility to assist with getting these meetings prepped and ready to go and in some circumstances, having them run the appointments almost entirely with the doctor coming in to give a final diagnosis and treatment.

While many of these responsibilities won’t change, it will cause the next generation of nurses to become very familiar with technology and different techniques for getting information from patients before appointments.

“The focus on nurses and the use of technology will absolutely be a priority in 2022 and beyond. As a large cohort of nurses today were originally trained without the current abundance of advanced technology, they have had to learn to adapt to the ever rapidly changing environment around them in order to proficiently care for patients. Availability of resources to train the staff in the use of all technology, particularly mobile technology will be critical.

With the advent of Covid, virtuality catapulted across the globe. Zoom- TEAMs- and all virtual platforms have become a part of everyday living in order to communicate not only with friends, family, and education but also has become crucial in healthcare through telehealth platforms. Telehealth was a vision in the 2000s and has had slow adaptation over the past twenty years. Covid fast-tracked it almost overnight. It became a “maybe someday”- to- “right now today” and yes, as discussed in the article, nurses are on the front line in the preparation and implementation of telehealth medicine.

2022 will definitely be a year for continued change and these five trends are at the forefront for nurses.” – RN, Chris Lingner

Nurses will continue to be more technologically savvy

The more time that passes, the more and more technology that nurses have adopted into their everyday work. From complicated medical equipment to laptops and tablets, nurses can really do it all when it comes to technology.

2022 will be the first time that a class of new nurses have been trained using almost exclusively technology and are more familiar than ever with even the most complicated of equipment.

In addition, the move to make many nursing programs almost exclusively online has given them a unique view into the world of telemedicine without even realizing it. They have been asked to complete coursework, labs, and even do exams through a computer. This means they are uniquely positioned to jump right into the workforce with the knowledge their predecessors have had to learn on the fly.

Now more than ever, it is essential that nurses become savvy with technology meant to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

Salaries for Registered Nurses will stay steady or increase

Nurses are going to be one of the most in-demand positions of 2022, which has many implications. One of those is that salaries for Registered Nurses are primed to at the very least stay steady, and more likely increase over the course of the year.

This rise in wages is also going to be tied to the number of additional responsibilities that many nurses are asking to take on as well as the increasing number of patients that they can see with the technology that we have in today’s medical facilities.

All of these things, don’t even include the potential increase in hours needed and difficult work environments that the COVID-19 pandemic might have in store for us all, which could accelerate this increase in wages.

The rise of the traveling nurse

Because of this incredible demand for quality, trained nurses they might be much harder to come by than in previous years. This means that the demand for traveling nurses is going to be higher than ever.

Traveling nurses are a select group of nurses that are willing to travel the country to work in hospitals and healthcare facilities when they are short-staffed. These contracts could last only a few weeks or multiple months depending on need. This has become an increasingly good adoption for hospitals looking to cover a short-staffed department while they are in the process of hiring someone new.

This is also very lucrative for new nurses that are willing to travel often to new cities and new facilities because they can be paid 2x-3x the amount that a standard nurse would be paid.

With the increase in the amount of traveling nurses in a facility, it is important to make sure your medical facility is able to quickly train this staff and have all the technology and equipment they need to do their jobs effectively.

Travel Nurse Openings Graph
BC-US-Travel Nurses-Are-Being-Offered-as-Much-as-$8000-a-Week, Alex Tanzi

A focus on mental health

These last few years have been extremely rough on nursing staff. Many of them have been asked to work long hours in tough conditions often to the point of burnout. Through doing that, there has been an incredible new focus on making sure that nurses are not only appreciated but also given the time needed to recover properly from a tough shift and make sure they have the resources they need to do their jobs.

This renewed focus on mental health for nurses is a fantastic thing for them, medical facilities, and patients. The nursing staff is often the front line of communication between the medical team and the patient. A nurse that is refreshed and given resources to focus on mental health can better communicate with patients and provide overall better care with improved outcomes. This means the patient gets excellent care and may be able to recover more quickly and with a better overall experience.

What is not to love about that?

What do you think the biggest trends in nursing will be for 2022? We’d love to hear what you think the future holds for the most important part of any medical team!

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Benefits of a Medical SFF Cart

5 Benefits of a SFF Cart

One of the most common things that medical facilities are looking for when it comes to their medical carts is versatility. While some facilities need all the bells and whistles that come with our full-sized carts, others need something that can be used in a variety of spaces, can maneuver around tight patient rooms, and take up less of their precious storage space.

That is where our medical SFF cart comes in!

What Is an SFF Cart?

SFF is an acronym that stands for Small Form Factor. Our DataCart™ Small Form Factor carts put an emphasis on user comfort, safety, and mobility while creating an overall smaller footprint. These factors give our customers the same purpose larger medical carts offer but with small cart benefits.

Benefits Of Medical SFF Carts

There are many benefits to choosing a Small Form Factor medical cart for your facility including:

Smaller Size

As the name suggests, the small form factor carts are smaller than some of our other powered medical carts. This overall small size leads to some of the other benefits we are going to talk about in a moment, but that smaller size is a benefit in its own right.

A smaller medical cart is more beneficial because of how it looks to a patient. Larger medical carts can be intimidating to a patient, depending on the situation. When a medical professional arrives with a larger cart filled with many accessories, the patient might believe that something is significantly wrong. Smaller carts have a better overall eye appeal that can surprisingly make a patient feel more at ease.


Ability To Navigate Into Tight Spaces

One of the more direct benefits of the size of small form factor carts is how easy they are to move around. As you probably already know most medical facilities lack space. Whether it is in the hallway, in storage, or in each patient room, space is something that comes at a premium.

While you might love to have a standard medical cart, it might be more beneficial to a tight office space to invest in an SFF cart. Small form factor carts allow you to have almost all the benefits of a larger cart all while gaining maneuverability.

DCT-SFF-VAT with storage drawer, sani wipe holder

Smaller Footprint

Optimizing the space you have available without compromising on the necessary components of a medical cart is important. So being able to have a cart that takes up less storage space sounds amazing, doesn’t it? That’s what the medical SFF cart is here to do! The cart itself is approximately 40% smaller than a standard cart.

The smaller footprint gives you more spacing options that may not have been available before. Having small form factor carts could mean more organization, more room for other accessories, and even capitalizing on multiple SFF carts to replace larger medical carts.


Your medical staff has to do enough heavy lifting during patient care. They don’t also need to worry about pushing around a heavy medical cart. This lightweight cart design ensures that it won’t end up being a burden on your staff.

Our small form factor carts weigh from a range of 30-45 pounds, making them extremely easy to move around. Now just because they are lightweight doesn’t mean that they aren’t sturdy. Our USA manufacturing ensures that even our small carts can hold up in the harshest conditions.

The Medical SFF Cart Size Makes It Attractive To Telemedicine

One of the areas that we are seeing all these advantages of the SFF cart being used is telemedicine. Being able to have a patient visit a specialist in another facility or country is an incredible thing we can accomplish with modern technology. All the benefits we mentioned above – maneuverability, lightweight, smaller size, smaller footprint – make this task drastically easier, allowing patients to have a wider range of medical resources that would otherwise be limited without technology.

TeleStroke Cart

Who is the SFF Cart Designed For?

The SFF cart wasn’t designed with just one facility in mind. Many facilities looking for quick maneuverability and compact sizing could benefit from the flexibility a small form factor cart has to offer including:

  • Patient triage
  • Nursing facilities
  • ICU
  • Ambulatory/outpatient areas
  • Operating rooms
  • Med/Surgery
  • and many more!

Can small form factor carts help you in your facility? If so, we’d love to chat! Contact us today and let’s see how we can create a custom solution built just for you!

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DataCart™ Partners with Elora International – Hot Swap Power System Solution

DataCart partners with Elora International hot swap batteries

As a leading medical cart manufacturer here in the United States, we are always looking for ways to take our carts to the next level and continue to separate ourselves from other solutions.

That is why we are excited to announce a brand new partnership that will allow us to better serve our customers and create brand new innovative solutions!

ELORA International is a company founded on the principles of bringing value innovation to healthcare providers with a mission of improving patient care.

The ELORA battery system eliminates the need for power cords and hallway charging while creating an EcoSystem of Power compatible with WOWs and Tablet Carts. Elora International built a cart agnostic, cost-effective, and reliable battery and power system that fits everyone else’s needs too. Their system is manufactured in an FDA-approved manufacturing facility which helps to ensure product quality and top-notch standards.

At the end of the day, this new partnership is here to provide simple, reliable, and affordable solutions for YOU and your fleet of medical carts! Here’s how:

Simple to use

Your staff is already busy enough. They don’t need to be bothered with heavy base-powered WOWs that require charging up to six hours per day, while tethered to a wall. In certain settings saving even minutes could make the biggest difference inpatient care. The ELORA Mobile Power System allows staff to quickly swap out batteries on medical carts without skipping a beat.

The ELORA Wall Charging Cabinet ensures a charged battery is always within arm’s reach. Simply swap a depleted battery whenever it’s required in under 15 seconds without the need to power down any equipment. Elora’s hot swap battery capability ensures your staff is always equipped with a powered medical cart.

Providing these simple solutions is one of the best parts of our partnership!


In an environment that is always changing and moving, you need a system that you can count on. Having certain pieces of equipment down for extended periods of time leads to inefficiencies, stressed staff, and even impacted patient outcomes. 

ELORA’s lightweight, high-capacity Lithium-Ion batteries deliver long, reliable run-times that last on average 6-8 hours. That, combined with charging times as low as 4 hours means that you will never be without a battery to swap, almost making downtime on your medical carts non-existent. Talk about reliability and efficiency!


We get it… managing medical facility budgets can be a pain and many times “the math needs to be right” when looking at these types of solutions.  While the ELORA system itself is very affordable, the true monetary benefit comes from the other benefits of the system.  We already talked about efficiency, but think about it now from the position of how that could impact your bottom line. A more efficient process is a more cost-effective one and making sure that staff is always on the move not having to deal with medical cart downtimes accomplishes that goal. 

Not only that, but with this system, you can extend the life out of your current medical cart fleet and upgrade them without needing to completely change your system. Not only that, having battery power available to you 24/7 means fewer overall carts in your fleet to manage, storage, repair, and replace. 

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the demand for medical facilities to upgrade their non-powered medical cart fleet into powered ones. As we have discussed, not only is this process affordable, it’s also reliable and much more simple than you might think!

DataCart’s™ new partnership with ELORA is the next step in meeting the needs of our medical cart customers and continuing to bring medical facilities forward in the technology they use to provide better outcomes for their patients. 

To learn more about the ELORA Mobile Power Solution, watch the video below!

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Advantages of Telemedicine: Taking Healthcare to the Patient

Various types of telemedicine solutions in healthcare

There is one thing for certain – technology has made the world incredibly small. 

And there might not be an industry that has benefited from this fact more than the healthcare industry. Technology has allowed our healthcare facilities to access information that we once thought impossible, it has allowed us to connect with patients in new ways, and provide solutions and expertise to patients across the globe.

This is Telemedicine. 

Telemedicine is rapidly changing the healthcare industry, so it is important to consider these advantages for your facilities so that you can make the proper investments now before you are forced to play catch up

Telemedicine is More Convenience 

We all know the convenience of telemedicine for patients, but convenience is an advantage that healthcare professionals realize as well. 

It is estimated that nearly 75% of Urgent Care and  ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video, according to statistics from the American Medical Association and Wellness Council of America

Having this reduction of in-person visits reduces the stress on the entire healthcare staff and makes it much easier for them to treat the patients that really need care. It reduces the amount of time that they spend on their feet, keeping energy levels higher and keeping fatigue at bay. 

On the other side of the convenience advantage – With telemedicine, you are able to take the healthcare professionals to the patient. With a product like a mobile telemedicine exam kit, you can service a broad area of individuals by bringing their needs to them when needed. 

Telemedicine Saves Time

Healthcare facilities and professionals are under a lot of pressure to reduce the amount of time being spent with patients in order to see more individuals in a day. One way to do this without reducing the quality of care is through the use of telemedicine.

Studies have shown that the average visit with a doctor lasts approximately 17.4 minutes. On average, physicians that use telemedicine saw a reduction in that time by 20%. While that might not seem like a big number, it can add up over time allowing physicians to either see more patients or increase the quality of the care being provided. 

These appointments are shorter for a few reasons. For one, telemedicine appointments tend to be more focused with less chit-chat. Doctors also have access to all patients’ information directly in front of them at all times, making it easier to reference, and finally the simple fact that they do not need to jump from room to room shaves off a few minutes as well. 

Over the course of the year, think about those implications for your facilities. 

Telemedicine Makes for Better Assessments 

It may seem like a surprise, but telemedicine appointments tend to create better assessments than their in-person counterparts.

It all comes down to focus. While a Physician might not have access to all the tools they would typically use in a standard office setting, they are able to ask a lot more clarifying questions that might help them get to the answer that they need.

Also, your physicians can get more of a “lay of the land” of someone’s home or get other information that may end up making a large difference in the assessment and potential diagnosis.

This is particularly important in the field of mental health. A trained professional might be able to assess things going on around the patient that might be helpful in assisting them. In addition, they might be able to get a better assessment at the time of the issue instead of having that person try to remember how they were feeling or what was happening.

Telemedicine Increases Access to Specialists

One of the biggest advantages of telemedicine for both patients and facilities is having easy access to specialists from around the globe. By implementing telemedicine, you expand the knowledge base of your entire team and you let your patient know that you are getting them the best information possible. 

Telemedicine Increases Cost Savings

Let’s talk about the bottom line. Earlier, we talked about how the time that is saved via a telemedicine appointment can allow a physician to see more patients in a day. While this is a great advantage, the inverse, reducing expenses, is also true!

While telemedicine does require some level of initial investment, such as a telemedicine cart or telemedicine exam kit, the long-term savings will surpass it over time. 

These savings come in many forms from the use of equipment (gloves, masks, etc.), reducing the total number of beds being taken at any given time, and just making the overall healthcare system move much more efficiently. 

Overall, there are a ton of incredible advantages to care providers who use and invest in telemedicine. Regardless of these advantages, telemedicine is becoming the future of healthcare and it is important for healthcare providers to invest early in this technology so they can experience the true advantage of it for themselves! 

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Benefits of Workstations on Wheels in Healthcare

Workstation on Wheels Blog

How are Workstations on Wheels used in healthcare?

Medical Carts, better known as Workstations on Wheels (WoW) or Computers on Wheels (CoW),  are used in a wide variety of different healthcare facilities. While maybe not the most glamorous or coolest tool in the toolbox, Workstations on Wheels can benefit medical facilities in many ways that accomplish the goals most leaders want to see! 

Let’s dig into the various benefits of WoWs!

Streamline workflow

There are more opportunities than ever before to streamline your workflows in your healthcare facilities. Until very recently, staff needed to make several trips back and forth between their standard workstations and offices to patient rooms. This is an incredibly inefficient process that, while the amount of extra time for each trip isn’t large, the overall lost time adds up to a large number.

The ability to read and record patient information right at the point of care can dramatically improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency.

And that’s not all! Results for different tests can come from far-reaching areas of hospital facilities. Workstations on Wheels let you access that information right as they become available from anywhere in the hospital with mobile computing being a key part of these medical carts. 

What is great is that DataCart™ mobile workstations are completely customizable to meet your needs. Whatever solutions you need to make your staff more efficient, we can supply it!

Optimize productivity

The human arm can only carry so many things at once! 

One thing that we hear all the time from our customers in the medical industry is the need to find ways to make staff more efficient in their day-to-day work. In a hectic place like an emergency room or hospital, this is far from an easy task. One of the biggest ways that Workstations on Wheels help medical professionals and medical facilities alike are their ability to make everyone much more efficient and decrease downtime all while increasing the ability for medical professionals to focus on patient care. 

Making sure that more patients can be visited in one trip by providing proper storage, giving staff more energy by not making them carry equipment from room to room with ergonomic medical carts, and adding additional technology that makes knowledge transfer easier are all things that Workstations on Wheels can help with. 

As another added bonus, WoWs make telemedicine easier for doctors to visit with more patients without even needing to leave their office. 

Patient documentation

The amount of data we have now in the healthcare industry is an incredible advancement. At a moment’s notice, medical professionals can have the entire history of an individual and that information can help ensure that the patient is cared for appropriately. While most of us would love for all of this information to be online all the time, files are still a common sight in most medical facilities.

This is where WoWs can become extremely helpful. Being able to carry all of these medical records and have them safely accessible is made possible by Workstations on Wheels. Where this information is online or on a chart, a workstation makes it very easy to transport it from place to place. Not only that, but our secure carts make sure that these records are kept safe with an accessory like a locking storage drawer and that your hardware cannot be stolen by locking your laptop or computer into place. It is a true win for everyone from the patient to the medical professional.


Now more than ever, maintaining a clean environment is essential. While Workstations on Wheels can’t clean the facility for you (think about how great that would be!) they won’t be something your staff needs to be concerned about. All our computer carts are antimicrobial, are made of materials that are easy to clean and we even offer accessories to hold Sani-Wipes directly on the carts! We do this with medical facilities in mind to make everything much easier for those that use this equipment every single day! 

How does your staff use Workstations on Wheels to make their jobs easier? In what ways can your facility continue to improve its workflows and productivity?

If you have more questions, our staff is always ready to help!

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Best Computer & Laptop Carts for Medical Facilities

best carts for each medical facility

Every medical facility is different. This means that every medical facility has different problems that it needs to solve with its medical carts.

Medical carts are an amazing tool for healthcare facilities, but choosing the wrong one for your situation could result in those unique needs not being met. You might think the decision would be easy, but there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right medical cart for your facility. 

As experts in the medical carts industry, we have seen and experienced all kinds of different facilities and their needs. Because of this experience, we feel uniquely qualified to point you in the right direction of the right medical cart for you. Let’s take a look at the most common types of facilities that our carts serve and the best type of cart for each of those situations.

Medical Carts For Hospitals, Clinics, And Doctor’s Offices

These types of facilities need a very specific kind of cart. There are a couple of things that are most important to consider if this is your kind of facility. 

First, many doctors and physicians are using these carts as a kind of mobile workstation. This means that the carts need to have plenty of storage space to keep all the technology that they might need, while also being large and sturdy enough to support laptops and other pieces of technology. 

In addition, with the amount of important information being stored on the technology, it is important that these carts are secure so that no patient information is lost or misplaced.

Because of these 2 factors, we often recommend our line of Secure Tech Carts. This line of carts offers Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctor’s Offices a cart that keeps patient information secure while providing everything needed to make them a fully mobile workspace. Also being one of our most customizable carts, they can be further changed to meet more of the exact needs of your staff. 

Medical Carts For Skilled Nursing Facilities 

Skilled nursing facilities are quite different from many others. They are often very limited in space and tend to be in older buildings, further making things difficult for patient care. All these things need to be taken into consideration when choosing a medical cart as having something with a small footprint with all the same “bells and whistles” of a standard cart is very important to maintain a high level of patient care. 

Because of this, we recommend skilled nursing facilities take a look at our Small Form Factor (SFF) Carts! The SFF line is made to be the best of a full-sized cart in a much smaller footprint. What’s even more incredible? Our SFF carts have more customizations available than some of our competitors’ full-sized carts! That means you can get everything you want in a cart, and MORE!

Medical Carts For Dialysis Centers

Patients in a Dialysis Center are often there for quite some time. With treatments sometimes taking 4-5 hours, it is important for them to feel comfortable while receiving their treatment. That is what Dialysis Centers need to consider while choosing a good medical cart for them. What is easy for the staff to use, but also something that can be used by a patient during the treatment they need?

Introducing our Kidney Cart! Kidney carts are the perfect “do it all” cart. They are perfect for patients to use while receiving care and with the adjustable height, can be converted into a mobile workstation to be used by care providers. Because of this flexibility, we knew that we had to make these carts easy to clean. That is why The entire cart is non-porous, antimicrobial for easy cleaning/disinfecting. We have even seen customers purchase these carts for their own home care because they enjoy them so much! 

No matter the medical facility, we have a cart solution for you! With a focus on customizability and the attention to the finer details of ergonomics we really have all the premium features that you could ask for.

Have a question about the type of cart that would work best for your facility? Our team of experts is ready to help you

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Our Most Common Cart Accessories for Healthcare Facilities

Most common medical cart accessories

Accessories for Medical Carts come in all shapes and sizes and can be custom-built to help increase equipment use as you introduce new technology to your healthcare organization.

Here at DataCart™, we have custom-built hundreds of accessories that hold all kinds of customer equipment over the years. We maintain multiple common stand-out accessories that have greatly impacted how Medical Carts are used.  

Storage Drawer

This is the most requested accessory and the number of options to customize a drawer is surprisingly large.  There are different size drawers, different lock tops, drawers with foam lining, drawers with compartmental dividers for storage and drawers with charging ports. 

Some of the common uses for drawers are holding medical devices, securing medications, and storing supplies.

Wire Basket

Drawer storage not enough, need quick access?  We provide a wire basket that is another way to gain even more storage on your medical cart.  The wire basket is perfect for transporting files and other paperwork, providing an easy storage option.

Monitor Mounts

Monitor screen access and display is critical.  As technology and information sharing advances, there need to be multiple options to view and share screen information.  At DataCart™, we have carts designed to use the laptop screen to multiple options for monitor display from side-by-side to stacked monitors to front and back options to articulating arms to move monitors closer to the patient.  The articulating arm allows a lot of custom ability in how you deliver information for your patients.  Being able to move and place in unique positions lets each cart be flexible enough to be used in different settings across the facility.

Quick Release

Medical facilities need the unique ability to repurpose resources on a dime.  Adding the quick release to your medical cart monitor attachment allows you to quickly repurpose your monitor.  


Shelves come in all different sizes and serve multiple purposes to integrate equipment on a cart from printers and scanners to patient monitors and PTZ cameras. 


Security is a major priority.  Moving around a facility with a medical cart anyone can become distracted.  We offer several different types of locks along with other devices to either tether or anchor equipment for security.


DataCart™ provides single and dual wheel caster with brakes and without brakes along with multiple size options – 3”, 4” and 5”.  

A Legacy of Accessory Innovation

It starts with our listening, down to the last detail of the desired goal to accomplish and how it will be used.  From design to materials to construction, we offer numerous accessories and thousands of different accessory combinations that allow you to fully customize your medical cart to your specific need.  We pride ourselves on providing the best recommendations for you and being experts in our field and if we do not have it, we will build it.  If you want to learn more about our medical carts and their accessories, we would love to talk to you!

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Why Choose a Medical Cart Manufacturer in the USA?

Made in USA medical carts

It takes time to look for the “Made in USA” label, but it is a worthwhile effort to support brands that are building up our economy, creating a quality product for our nation, and providing jobs to our fellow countrymen.

We want to explain the difference between an item fully manufactured in the USA vs. Assembled in the USA.

“Made in USA” means, fully manufactured with parts from the USA but many people do not realize that “Assembled in the USA” is a regulated term from the FTC and requires “its principal assembly takes place in the United States and that the assembly is substantial.”

There are multiple companies that perform this sleight of hand implying they design, manufacture, and assemble their medical carts here in the USA. The reality is most are either branding an imported product or importing and/or manufacturing parts overseas, sacrificing quality to reduce production costs by using inferior materials and parts on their medical carts.

The phrase “Made in the USA” should have significance. It should be a “Value Experience” where design, manufacturing, and assembly, produce an overall product delivering performance and support at a valued price.

Within healthcare and other medical industries, medical carts support multiple projects throughout the facilities. From creating a workstation on wheels to a laptop cart to a telehealth cart, healthcare groups of all kinds are investing significant dollars in medical carts to support their delivery of care.

Stronger Materials and Construction

It starts with the raw materials used to manufacture the cart. Is the cart made of aluminum and steel or is it molded plastic? While plastic is less expensive, removing too much weight from the cart can create a tipping hazard when equipping a medical cart with a computer, monitor and camera. The plastic is also less durable and will reduce the useful life of the medical cart.

Focus on Ergonomics and Antimicrobial

In designing a medical cart, taking the ergonomics, and cleaning aspects are important. There are five aspects of ergonomics: safety, comfort, ease of use, productivity/performance, and aesthetics. These ergonomic principles need to be part of the medical cart design to assist the medical industries and professionals in them delivering healthcare to those in need.

The same holds true for the defense against the spread of infectious microorganisms. Each medical cart needs to be manufactured of materials and treated in production to make it antimicrobial and reduce the levels of infectious diseases on high-touch surfaces.

Manufactured in USA medical workstation on wheels

Supporting Local

The final reason to look for Made in the USA medical carts is to support local owned and operated businesses. By supporting local businesses, you make sure that medical cart makers that have your best interest in mind stay in business.

Overall, medical carts Made in the USA are going to be manufactured with higher quality materials and designed for better user experiences while lasting longer delivering a greater value experience.

If you want to learn more about DATACART™ and our “Made in the USA” carts, check out the rest of our website by using the navigation on the top of our website, or contact us today with any questions!