How To Effectively Take Advantage Of Powered Medical Carts In Healthcare

How to effectively take advantage of powered medical carts

Are you taking advantage of all the technology that your facility offers?

If you are like many other healthcare facilities and organizations, you have probably made some very large investments into your technology over the last number of years – technology that has significantly changed the medical industry as a whole.

But are you really taking advantage of this technology in the most effective ways? Are you able to deploy the solutions the way that you wanted or are you just finding workarounds that aren’t ideal, but are “good enough”?

If this sounds like you, powered medical carts might be the missing piece of that puzzle.

How to Use Powered Medical Cart Effectively

Powered medical carts are a great solution to solving this new and lasting need in the medical industry. Powered medical carts allow patients to have access to healthcare that they never would have had before. Whether that patient is in-facility and in need of a specialist hundreds of miles away or at home looking to see a doctor for a simple appointment, powered medical carts make the entire process easier by making the technology needed available anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Battery Charging Station and Solution

One of the biggest challenges that facilities always face is maintaining the uptime of technology. Whether you’re dealing with patient records and need your laptops and tablets to stay powered for a longer period of time or you want to have certain devices like scanners or printers at your disposal but also need the ability to power them, powered medical carts can be your one size fits all solution.

Powered workstations allow you to bring power anywhere that it is needed, and ensure that a charge is only a moment away when it is needed with Mobile battery charging stations. This saves doctors and nurses an ample amount of time by eliminating the need to continually swap out uncharged equipment. A great example of this is battery swap stations.

In the case that you have limited space, don’t have the time to swap out carts, or want to keep all your equipment on the same cart without needing to move it, having battery swap stations allows you to simply change the battery on the cart and keep going from room to room without needing to power down completely.

Whether you’re using just one cart or have an entire fleet of powered medical carts, POWERVAR’s MPMView Software Suite gives you the information you need about your carts. With different view options, you can pick the one that is best for your needs. MPM ClinicView’s utilizes a user-friendly toolbar, TechView allows you to view any cart on the LAN via Ethernet, or FleetView which gives you the ability to list and sort your mobile cart inventory as well as include specific information in the reports.

On The Go Information Station

We’ve already talked about the importance of having patient data at your fingertips at all times, but it is so important that we wanted to call it out specifically.

You don’t need us to tell you how different outcomes can depend on the timeliness and accuracy of the patient data, but what you may not see within your facility is how a powered medical cart can make the difference in making this process easier to do.

Our powered medical carts can be outfitted with features like larger external monitors and external keyboards which make the process of data entry easier, clear, and less of a strain. This allows your team to utilize the power of large monitors or even dual screens without the need to power down as they move from one room to another. Allowing them to bring their full suite of technology anywhere they go makes the entire process better.

Build Your Own Powered Medical Cart

Remember that technology investment that we talked about earlier? This is where you really get to see what it can do.

The amazing thing about powered medical carts is that they are the most customizable type of workstation on wheels out there. Because of their access to additional power and the fact they are typically larger and more sturdy, you can really create a medical cart that meets the exact needs of your team and organization by adding accessories of your choice.

No matter the tool, instrument, or bit of technology, our expert team is equipped to find a solution, even if it is something that we have not done before! Being creative with our solutions is what we think separates us from others in the industry that only offer powered medical carts to their limited specifications.

In a world that is changing as quickly as ours, especially in a time with shrinking budgets and limited resources, finding ways to maximize your current technology is a must.

Powered medical carts might be what is missing to help make that happen. While powered carts are typically more expensive and do require additional investment, they often pay back that cost in more efficient use of other technology and through deploying new solutions that you never thought possible before.

We’d love to find a solution for you. Contact us today and ask about our custom-powered medical cart solution – we are sure we can find a solution that works for you!

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