How Can I Customize My Medical Computer Cart?

How can I customize my medical cart

One of the benefits of investing in a medical computer cart or workstation on wheels is the ability to customize it to exactly what you need. With having many different needs within your workday, having the perfect medical cart for you is important to us.

Mounting Solutions

Monitor Mounting

While many of the things your team does day to day may only require a single monitor, there are times when an external monitor would be a major benefit. However, increasing your screen real estate while keeping your carts to a smaller size can be a challenge. Enter Monitor Mounts!

There are many benefits to having your computer monitors mounted to your cart. The main benefit is keeping your medical workstation on wheels clear of extra things that would get in the way of using the surface.

Another benefit is the flexibility it gives you in showing information to patients. Depending on the mounting system you choose, you can have swivel arms that can extend out multiple feet from the cart itself and swivel a full 270º. This allows you to more easily share information, especially in smaller spaces.

One of the features many of our medical cart mounting arms come with is something called Quick Release. This allows you to quickly and easily remove monitors from the mounts without extra tools. This is a great feature for IT professionals and medical professionals alike as it allows for much simpler repairs and cleaning.

Medical Computer Cart Mount Quick Release

Scanner Mounting

At DataCart, we offer multiple different scanner mounts for your medical computer cart to make sure scanners are out of the way and secure. If you have a scanner, we likely have a mount to match it. Even if you have a scanner that doesn’t fit one of our mounts, we will find it for you to make sure you have exactly what you need!

As we mentioned before, monitor mounts can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and each has its own benefits. Whether you are looking for extenders, swivels, or just something simple, we have the solution for you!

Storage Solutions

As medical professionals are out on the floor, they need a lot of things to do their job successfully. The feeling of a nurse or doctor after walking into a room and realizing they forgot something they need and that they need to walk all the way across the hospital to get it can be a draining one. If only there was a solution to help.

Mobile medical cart storage is the gift that keeps on giving. Adding storage to your medical carts means that your staff won’t have to make multiple long-distance trips just to get something simple.

This reduces the number of steps they take during the day, reducing burnout and keeping energy levels higher. When your staff has higher energy and access to the tools they need more quickly, patient outcomes are able to increase and who doesn’t want that?

Storage options for workstations on wheels are really there to meet the needs and functions of that cart. For example, our wire baskets are perfect for those who are carrying a lot of paperwork or files around the facility. Our secure drawers are great for those needing to carry around extra equipment, medications, and other things they need to make sure remain safe.

Even something as simple as a container holder lets your team carry around that extra medical item they need, or even just make sure they have their water with them to stay hydrated throughout the day. All these options are available to make your medical cart perfect for you.

medical workstation on wheels storage bin

Security Solutions

Now more than ever, security is a top priority for medical facilities. With the crazy amount of information and data available at the fingertips of medical professionals, it is important to keep laptops and other pieces of equipment that carry that information safe and secure. We know this here at DataCart, which is why we offer a wide variety of security solutions.

We’ve seen it all in our time in the medical industry. Laptops going missing and never being found. Files with patient information disappearing. Both of the things are major problems that can leave your facilities open to a lot of other problems long term.

One of a medical facility’s biggest risks right now is allowing a breach in patient data to happen. However, making sure equipment and data stays safe takes brainpower and awareness. You don’t want your medical team always having to look over their shoulder to make sure everything is safe.

That is why equipping your medical carts with security solutions will help you keep things safe easily and without even thinking.

Our security solutions stretch over a variety of options – from something as simple as a cable and lock to something as complex as a locking laptop mount. We pride ourselves on creating quality products with all of our locks being made of strong material that takes a lot of effort to break. (We’ve had customers need to break out some pretty heavy equipment to get our locks open). All of this is to make sure the most precious of patient information remains safe and within your facility.

As you can see, there are many ways to customize your computer cart. If you want to learn more about just what DataCart can do for you, contact us today!


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