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Today’s health care providers rely on mobile carts to bring crucial technology directly to the patient’s bedside. Capturing data at the point of care is a key component in efforts to improve patient safety and quality of care. Mobile technology needs mobile power, and mobile power needs a tool to manage it. This led to the discovery of the MPMView Software Suite.

POWERVAR’s new MPMView Software Suite gives real-time information and alerts to keep a fleet of carts on the go. Now, management at any level is easier, from the nurse or clinician using one cart, to the IT manager and service technicians responsible for an entire fleet.

MPM System Analysis


POWERVAR is the leading supplier of power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies for mission-critical instrumentation used in imaging suites, hospitals, analytical laboratories, clinical laboratories, and other healthcare technology applications where power conditioning and load regulation are required.

POWERVAR medical conditioners not only protect systems used for patient care but are also built to meet the safety requirements of IEC 60601. All deliver clean, conditioned power and are safety agency listed.

POWERVAR’s MPM System Details

MPM ClinicView

MPM Clinic View

MPM ClinicView’s user-friendly toolbar gives easy access viewing to the battery and charging levels, battery health indicator, as well as overload alarm, and low battery warnings. A simple but useful dashboard for nurses, clinicians, physician assistants, and other cart computer users.

MPM ClinicView can be installed on any mobile medical cart PC, is operational with Windows, Linux, or Mac, can read mobile power status via USB, and provides convenient on-screen tool tray icons.

MPM TechView

With MPM TechView, cart servicers can view any cart on the LAN via Ethernet, giving real-time diagnostics and audits.

MPM TechView is highly beneficial when needing to know information such as MPM and battery status, MPM alarm date and times (Event Log), status indications (Event Log), key battery and power measures, or the source of output power (Data Log). With TechView, you can also view alarm history by date or time of an event to assist in cart usage tracking and service diagnostics. With TechView, there is user security as the configuration tab is password protected to prevent inadvertent changes to cart asset information, MPM Battery configurations, warning thresholds, etc.

MPM FleetView

FleetView lets you list and sort your mobile cart inventory and select specific information to include in reports. You can also view mobile carts via multi-level facility maps or by the type or name of the alarm.

FleetView’s elegantly simple rules engine called “Smart Groups” watches for changes in specific pieces of information and will send an email notification whenever conditions change. For example, pre-configured Smart Groups give you one-click visibility of present and future service needs.

Some of the benefits of FleetView include:

Service reports with alerts, battery faults, and device life health. These include a Need Service Now and Need Service Soon report.

  • Need Service Now Report – List of devices with active Service alerts – Battery or component faults
  • Need Service Soon Report – Report of devices that have battery life below some threshold to allow budget planning/service rotation planning for battery replacement

These reports, toolbars, and informational pieces could be highly beneficial when working with powered medical carts like our Powered Secure Laptop Cart or Powered Telehealth Cart to help stay up-to-date on important internal information and protect your cart against potential damage.

We always strive to provide the very best for our clients, which is why we choose to partner with POWERVAR’s MPM Software. When you trust DataCart™ to help you solve your medical computer cart needs, you know that you are getting the very best from quality to functionality. Now, you can trust that you will get the same out of your technology when you trust POWERVAR’s MPM System as we do every day.

To learn more about how to best select one of our powered medical carts, contact us today!

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