Powered Carts

DATACART™ powered medical carts and powered secure laptop carts are completely customizable, adjustable, and offer mobile storage for healthcare professionals! These powered carts have different screen layouts and multiple storage options with retractable keyboard and mouse areas.

Medical Grade Laminate Work Surface

Electronic Button Sit To Stand Heights

Integrated Cable Management

Long Lasting Lithium Power System

Custom Powered Cart Configurations Available

The DATACART Guarantee

Our powered carts are manufactured with the highest industry-quality materials and standards for maximum durability. All powered carts are individually inspected and quality-checked before shipment. Should any of our carts fail due to any inherent defects in the cart itself, we will gladly replace the defective part as covered under our warranty. Our powered carts are backed with multi-year warranties because we know they are built to last. We stand behind all of our carts and are always here to help when it matters most!

Mechanical Warranty

3-year warranty on mechanical parts which includes the base, casters, column, lift, work surfaces and mechanical accessories. 

electronic warranty

2-year warranty on powered, electrical parts which includes the cart’s internal power supply (except battery) and power cables.

battery warranty

30-month warranty on the Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for the DCT-6 Series carts (conditions apply).

Mobile Power Management Software

Built-in diagnostics for easy troubleshooting

Today’s health care providers rely on mobile computer carts to bring crucial technology directly to the patient’s bedside. Capturing data at the point of care is a key component in efforts to improve patient safety and quality of care. Mobile technology needs mobile power. Mobile power needs a tool to manage it. POWERVAR’s new MPMView Software Suite gives real-time information and alerts to keep a fleet of computer carts on the go. Now, management at any level is easier,  from the nurse or clinician using one cart, to the IT manager and service technicians responsible for an entire fleet.

Our Powered Carts Are Designed For:

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