AnchorPad Secure Laptop Mount


AnchorPad Secure Laptop Mount – Double Plate, with Keyed Locks

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AnchorPad Low Profile Double Plate Security System provides a maximum level of security by “locking” equipment to the work surface. When used with an arm mount, the plate is secured with tamper-proof screws that have a unique driver head.

These screws can only be removed with the driver we provide with the security system. Constructed of 16-gauge steel and adhered to the work surface by high-strength adhesive foam, the plate system provides 20,000-lbs of pull force.

The low profile design keeps its visibility to a minimum while ensuring the security of your device. All plate systems include our self-removal System, which allows for the removal of the plate from the work surface without causing any damage to the furniture.


  • The Double Plate Lockdown Security System is chosen based on the foot-print configuration of the machine to be protected
  • Double Plate Systems come with an adapter plate which expands mounting options for machines with difficult bottom configurations.
  • Very high-security solution at modest cost
  • Adapts to a wide variety of office equipment
  • Simple to install with no tools required
  • Computer easily snaps in and out for authorized user
  • Provides bottom air circulation/cooling for extended machine life
  • Built-in self-removal feature allows an authorized user to easily remove the entire installation with no damage to the surface.
  • Double plate lockdown system includes all components to secure one device to a flat surface.

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