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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth describes the act of providing healthcare services to patients through technology instead of seeing them in your facility or practice. This differs slightly from the term “telemedicine” which describes providing patient care digitally like giving prescriptions and other treatments.

While the terms telehealth and telemedicine differ slightly, they have the same goal: To provide care more quickly and effectively from anywhere to the people who need it most.

Telehealth Solutions From DATACART

Telehealth Carts

DATACART Telehealth cart solutions include our Powered Telehealth Cart, Telestroke Cart, Wellness Cart, and Secure Tech Enclosure Cart. All of our telehealth cart solutions can be fully customized to fit your facility’s needs and offer sit-to-stand functionality to best suit your needs.

Telehealth Kits

Our portable telehealth kits are built to promote effective monitoring, prevention, treatment, and recovery practices after a health event from your own home or anywhere outside of the facility. They offer a quick solution that allows patients to get the care they need and make it as easy as possible for the people providing it.

Telehealth Cart Customization Breakdown

Why Choose DATACART For Your Telehealth Solutions?


Having many different needs or scenarios throughout your workday, having the equipment on hand wherever you go is important. We have many different equipment and cart accessories such as mounting solutions, storage add-ons, security solutions, and more.


That relationship between physical equipment and software is a problem that many in our industry are trying to solve. The trend is to work independently and hope that solutions sync later on down the line. We have chosen to take a much more active approach by collaborating with multiple software providers. This allows for the customization of your software by adding plug-ins, integrating medical devices, and managing content with ease.

Mechanical Warranty

Our mechanical parts are backed by a strong warranty which includes the base, casters, column, lift, work surfaces, and telemedicine accessories such as baskets, drawers, shelving, and brackets.

Made in the USA

We’re proud to say that our telehealth carts are made in the United States of America and it will always stay that way!

Customer Support

Our unparalleled customer support is always available to assist and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

One area we are extremely proud of at DATACART is the agility we have within the different fulfillment options. Our focus is to provide not only the type of cart or fleet you need but also be able to provide them when you need them.

Option To Hold Until Needed

There are many times when our customers want to order a larger fleet of custom telehealth carts but don’t want them on hand all at the same time because they don’t have space for these custom medical carts. DataCart™ allows for orders to be held for future deployment.

Ship Right When Order

On other occasions, customers want the cart or fleet of telehealth carts right away. We also have the ability to ship these out as the build of them is completed, so that these custom medical carts can arrive in the time you need them.

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