Top 5 Nursing Trends in 2022

Top 5 Nursing Trends in 2022

The last few years have brought a lot of change to the nursing profession and 2022 will be no different.

As we look ahead into the future of nursing there are a lot of things that are likely to change as hospitals and healthcare systems continue to evolve and address many of the current nursing issues and concerns of their staff.

There are many things that we see as possibilities in 2022, but here are some of the trends in nursing that we think we will see in the next year.

The rise of Telemedicine

The usage of telemedicine has grown by 6000% over the last two years and that current trend within nursing is here to stay. As medical facilities and hospital systems need to see more and more patients, telemedicine proves to have many advantages to help provide quality care.

For nurses, this can mean a shift in responsibility to assist with getting these meetings prepped and ready to go and in some circumstances, having them run the appointments almost entirely with the doctor coming in to give a final diagnosis and treatment.

While many of these responsibilities won’t change, it will cause the next generation of nurses to become very familiar with technology and different techniques for getting information from patients before appointments.

“The focus on nurses and the use of technology will absolutely be a priority in 2022 and beyond. As a large cohort of nurses today were originally trained without the current abundance of advanced technology, they have had to learn to adapt to the ever rapidly changing environment around them in order to proficiently care for patients. Availability of resources to train the staff in the use of all technology, particularly mobile technology will be critical.

With the advent of Covid, virtuality catapulted across the globe. Zoom- TEAMs- and all virtual platforms have become a part of everyday living in order to communicate not only with friends, family, and education but also has become crucial in healthcare through telehealth platforms. Telehealth was a vision in the 2000s and has had slow adaptation over the past twenty years. Covid fast-tracked it almost overnight. It became a “maybe someday”- to- “right now today” and yes, as discussed in the article, nurses are on the front line in the preparation and implementation of telehealth medicine.

2022 will definitely be a year for continued change and these five trends are at the forefront for nurses.” – RN, Chris Lingner

Nurses will continue to be more technologically savvy

The more time that passes, the more and more technology that nurses have adopted into their everyday work. From complicated medical equipment to laptops and tablets, nurses can really do it all when it comes to technology.

2022 will be the first time that a class of new nurses have been trained using almost exclusively technology and are more familiar than ever with even the most complicated of equipment.

In addition, the move to make many nursing programs almost exclusively online has given them a unique view into the world of telemedicine without even realizing it. They have been asked to complete coursework, labs, and even do exams through a computer. This means they are uniquely positioned to jump right into the workforce with the knowledge their predecessors have had to learn on the fly.

Now more than ever, it is essential that nurses become savvy with technology meant to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

Salaries for Registered Nurses will stay steady or increase

Nurses are going to be one of the most in-demand positions of 2022, which has many implications. One of those is that salaries for Registered Nurses are primed to at the very least stay steady, and more likely increase over the course of the year.

This rise in wages is also going to be tied to the number of additional responsibilities that many nurses are asking to take on as well as the increasing number of patients that they can see with the technology that we have in today’s medical facilities.

All of these things, don’t even include the potential increase in hours needed and difficult work environments that the COVID-19 pandemic might have in store for us all, which could accelerate this increase in wages.

The rise of the traveling nurse

Because of this incredible demand for quality, trained nurses they might be much harder to come by than in previous years. This means that the demand for traveling nurses is going to be higher than ever.

Traveling nurses are a select group of nurses that are willing to travel the country to work in hospitals and healthcare facilities when they are short-staffed. These contracts could last only a few weeks or multiple months depending on need. This has become an increasingly good adoption for hospitals looking to cover a short-staffed department while they are in the process of hiring someone new.

This is also very lucrative for new nurses that are willing to travel often to new cities and new facilities because they can be paid 2x-3x the amount that a standard nurse would be paid.

With the increase in the amount of traveling nurses in a facility, it is important to make sure your medical facility is able to quickly train this staff and have all the technology and equipment they need to do their jobs effectively.

Travel Nurse Openings Graph
BC-US-Travel Nurses-Are-Being-Offered-as-Much-as-$8000-a-Week, Alex Tanzi

A focus on mental health

These last few years have been extremely rough on nursing staff. Many of them have been asked to work long hours in tough conditions often to the point of burnout. Through doing that, there has been an incredible new focus on making sure that nurses are not only appreciated but also given the time needed to recover properly from a tough shift and make sure they have the resources they need to do their jobs.

This renewed focus on mental health for nurses is a fantastic thing for them, medical facilities, and patients. The nursing staff is often the front line of communication between the medical team and the patient. A nurse that is refreshed and given resources to focus on mental health can better communicate with patients and provide overall better care with improved outcomes. This means the patient gets excellent care and may be able to recover more quickly and with a better overall experience.

What is not to love about that?

What do you think the biggest trends in nursing will be for 2022? We’d love to hear what you think the future holds for the most important part of any medical team!

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