Unlocking Telehealth’s Potential with Custom DATACART™ Telehealth Carts

custom datatcart telehealth carts

With the increasing demand for telehealth services and accessible healthcare, clinical professionals require versatile, reliable, and fully-equipped telehealth carts to deliver efficient care. The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always cut it, so the ability to customize telehealth carts has become a game-changer.

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of DATACART™ custom telehealth carts and how they empower healthcare providers to design carts that perfectly meet their unique needs.

The Importance of Customization

Telehealth carts serve as the mobile command center for healthcare professionals, enabling them to conduct remote consultations, gather patient data, and offer a wide range of medical services. However, one of the limitations of pre-built telehealth carts is that they often come with features that may not be suitable for every clinical setting.

This is where the beauty of customization comes into play. Custom telehealth carts are designed with the understanding that every healthcare facility is unique, with distinct requirements and workflows. By allowing healthcare professionals to personalize their carts, these systems can be optimized to provide seamless care, improve efficiency, and ensure patient satisfaction.

About DATACART™ Telehealth Carts

DATACART™ Telehealth cart solutions include our Powered Telehealth Cart, Telestroke Cart, Wellness Cart, and Secure Tech Enclosure Cart. Our carts can come as a standard build that our customers can add on to. All of our telehealth cart solutions may be fully tailored to meet the demands of your facility and include sit-to-stand capabilities. They are suitable for delivering low-cost technology solutions to aid in efficient and accurate remote diagnosis in any clinical scenario. We provide industry-leading telehealth carts, backed by our DATACART™ guarantee.

With so many different needs throughout the workday, it is important that your equipment can do everything you need. We have many different equipment and cart accessories such as mounting solutions, storage add-ons, security solutions, and more. We also have tried to bridge the gap between physical equipment and software by collaborating with multiple software providers. This allows for the customization of your software by adding plug-ins, integrating medical devices, and managing content with ease.

Customizing Your Telehealth Cart

Telehealth Cart Customization Breakdown

Choose Your Hardware

At DATACART™ we have a complete line of accessories, color options, work surface sizes, and much more! One of the primary benefits of custom telehealth carts is the ability to select the hardware components that best align with your specific needs. This includes options like:

  1. Medical-grade computer systems
  2. High-definition cameras
  3. Touchscreen monitors
  4. Adjustable mounts for peripherals
  5. Scanner mounts
  6. Battery systems for extended use

Selecting the right hardware ensures that your cart has the necessary tools to support your telehealth operations. DATACART™’s telehealth carts don’t come with existing monitors but are equipment with display mounts with swivel and tilt technology. We do offer medical-grade computers as add-on accessories to purchase.

Tailor the Cart’s Mobility

Customization doesn’t end at the hardware level. Telehealth carts can be designed to suit the mobility requirements of various clinical environments. Features to consider include:

  • Compact design for tight spaces (Small Form Factor Carts
  • Easy-to-maneuver wheels with locking mechanisms
  • Ergonomic handles for effortless navigation
  • Cable management solutions for clutter-free operation

Audiovisual Integration

Effective telehealth consultations depend on high-quality audio and video capabilities. With a custom cart, you can choose audiovisual equipment that meets the specific needs of your healthcare facility. Options include:

  • Noise-canceling microphones
  • HD cameras with pan-and-tilt functionality
  • High-fidelity speakers
  • Large, high-resolution displays

These features will require outsourced equipment of your preference. We do offer high-quality web camera solutions to fit your needs.

Secure Storage and Accessibility

Custom telehealth carts can be equipped with secure storage options to safeguard valuable equipment and patient data. Features to consider include:

Connectivity Options

The ability to connect to your healthcare network and telehealth platform is crucial. Custom carts can be configured to support a wide range of connectivity options, including:

Power Supply and Management

Battery life and power management are vital aspects of telehealth cart customization. With options like hot-swappable batteries and efficient power management systems, your cart can be designed to operate continuously without interruption. Additionally, we offer a Powered Telehealth Cart that provides a much longer-lasting power supply!

Additional Information

On top of the many amazing features to customize your telehealth cart with, all of our telehealth carts are made with medical-grade laminate surfaces and have integrated cable management systems. We also offer custom paint jobs to match your style! The possibilities are endless.

Interested in features that you don’t see on our website? Reach out to us to discuss your customization needs and we will help assist you.

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