Why Choose a Medical Cart Manufacturer in the USA?

Made in USA medical carts

It takes time to look for the “Made in USA” label, but it is a worthwhile effort to support brands that are building up our economy, creating a quality product for our nation, and providing jobs to our fellow countrymen.

We want to explain the difference between an item fully manufactured in the USA vs. Assembled in the USA.

“Made in USA” means, fully manufactured with parts from the USA but many people do not realize that “Assembled in the USA” is a regulated term from the FTC and requires “its principal assembly takes place in the United States and that the assembly is substantial.”

There are multiple companies that perform this sleight of hand implying they design, manufacture, and assemble their medical carts here in the USA. The reality is most are either branding an imported product or importing and/or manufacturing parts overseas, sacrificing quality to reduce production costs by using inferior materials and parts on their medical carts.

The phrase “Made in the USA” should have significance. It should be a “Value Experience” where design, manufacturing, and assembly, produce an overall product delivering performance and support at a valued price.

Within healthcare and other medical industries, medical carts support multiple projects throughout the facilities. From creating a workstation on wheels to a laptop cart to a telehealth cart, healthcare groups of all kinds are investing significant dollars in medical carts to support their delivery of care.

Stronger Materials and Construction

It starts with the raw materials used to manufacture the cart. Is the cart made of aluminum and steel or is it molded plastic? While plastic is less expensive, removing too much weight from the cart can create a tipping hazard when equipping a medical cart with a computer, monitor, and camera. The plastic is also less durable and will reduce the useful life of the medical cart.

Focus on Ergonomics and Antimicrobial

In designing a medical cart, taking the ergonomics, and cleaning aspects are important. There are five aspects of ergonomics: safety, comfort, ease of use, productivity/performance, and aesthetics. These ergonomic principles need to be part of the medical cart design to assist the medical industries and professionals in them delivering healthcare to those in need.

The same holds true for the defense against the spread of infectious microorganisms. Each medical cart needs to be manufactured of materials and treated in production to make it antimicrobial and reduce the levels of infectious diseases on high-touch surfaces.

Manufactured in USA medical workstation on wheels

Supporting Local

The final reason to look for Made in the USA medical carts is to support local owned and operated businesses. By supporting local businesses, you make sure that medical cart makers that have your best interest in mind stay in business.

Overall, medical carts Made in the USA are going to be manufactured with higher quality materials and designed for better user experiences while lasting longer delivering a greater value experience.

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